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Voting by post or proxy in the General Election on July 4? Here’s what you need to know

Last updated: 14/6/2024

Postal voters in Rushcliffe are being told when their postal vote is being sent out to help them make sure they’ll be around to send it back.

Anyone who was already registered as a postal voter, or who applied for a postal vote by noon on Wednesday June 5 will have their postal vote pack sent out on:

  • Tuesday June 11 if they’re an overseas voter
  • Tuesday June 18 if they’re a voter in the UK.

Anyone who has applied for a postal vote after noon on Wednesday June 5 will have their postal vote pack sent out on Tuesday June 25.

Postal vote packs can only start to be collated once ballot papers are printed, and candidate nominations closed at 4pm on Friday June 7.

Only a small number of secure specialist printers print the millions of ballot papers needed for each personalised postal vote pack across the UK’s 650 Parliamentary constituencies.

Any postal voter concerned they won’t be around to receive and return their vote by Thursday July 4 still has options. You can:

  • Bring your completed postal vote pack to Rushcliffe Arena, Rugby Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 7YG or to your polling station on July 4 between 7pm and 10pm. You must fill out a form when you hand it in for the vote to be valid.

  • Cancel your postal vote by 5pm on June 19. This will happen automatically if you appoint a proxy to vote for you, but you can contact the Customer Services Centre on 0115 981 9911 to talk about other options to cancel.

A proxy vote is where someone you trust votes on your behalf.

    • be a registered parliamentary elector who can vote in this election.
    • only be a proxy for up to two electors living in the UK, plus up to two people living abroad, or up to four people living abroad.
  • Once appointed, your proxy can:
    • vote in person on your behalf at your polling station. They will have to show their own accepted form of photo ID to be able to vote or
    • vote by post for you but must apply for a proxy postal vote by 5pm on Wednesday June 19.