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Get peace of mind for you or your loved one with RBC’s Home Alarm service

Last updated: 16/2/2024

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s (RBC) Home Alarms service can give you peace of mind for you or your loved ones to ensure they can reach help easily in their time of a medical or other emergency at home.

The alarms provide security, reassurance and independence 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for hundreds of people across the Borough and neighbouring areas all for just the price of a coffee every week, with prices frozen for 2024/25.

A pendant is worn on a neck cord or wrist with a trigger that can be pressed to call us when help is needed.

It’s ideal for individuals of any age including those with health problems, disabilities or mobility issues, survivors of domestic abuse, or who live alone or feel isolated, providing choices and independence for you and your family.

The service has achieved a remarkable 100 per cent customer satisfaction rating, for seven consecutive years.

Those who use the service fed back they were completely satisfied with our Housing Support administration team when they had the need to use the facility.

It highlights our team upholds an exceptional level of customer service and it’s the eleventh year we have secured a rating of more than 95 per cent.

RBC’s Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Planning and Housing Cllr Roger Upton said: “Our Home Alarms service provides a vital lifeline which allows residents to stay independent in their own home knowing that help is not more than a press of a button away.

“It has a remarkable 100% customer satisfaction rating for seven consecutive years, and for 11 years it has achieved over 95% satisfaction.

“Prices are competitive locally and nationally, and our service is accessible to residents living in Rushcliffe and other areas across the local region with free demonstrations available.

“If you think a friend or relative would benefit from this service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly Housing Support Team on 0115 981 9911.”

To find out more about the service, which costs just £5.92 per week excluding VAT, please visit the RBC Home Alarm website page or email