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Residents and businesses invited to share their views on Rushcliffe Smoke Control Area

Last updated: 7/2/2024 Smoke coming from a chimney

Residents and businesses are invited to share their views on a proposal to expand an existing Smoke Control Area to cover all of Rushcliffe.

Rushcliffe Borough Council (RBC) is considering revoking its existing Smoke Control Order in West Bridgford and Edwalton and replacing this with a single Smoke Control Order, covering the whole of the Borough.

The proposed plan is in line with the Government's air quality strategy which seeks to reduce levels of very fine particulates with the aim of further protecting the health of all residents through reducing the smoke that can be released from domestic and commercial chimneys.

In a smoke control area it is an offence to emit smoke from a chimney of a building. Correctly seasoned wood, timber or logs should only be burnt in a Defra approved appliance.

Authorised fuels such as ‘smokeless’ fuels must be used in any other appliances that are not Defra approved.

Residents have until Tuesday March 12 to submit their views in a public consultation.

Under The Environment Act 2021, anyone liable can face a financial penalty of between £175 and £300 for each occasion smoke is emitted.

Those found to be selling or buying unauthorised fuel for use without an approved appliance in a Smoke Control Area could also face fines of up to £1,000.

Details of the changes to Smoke Control Area legislation can be found on the Defra website.

RBC’s Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Environment and Safety Cllr Rob Inglis said: “Residents, businesses and stakeholders can now have their say on our smoke control area plans which could cover all of Rushcliffe in our consultation which is open for six weeks.

“The quality of life of our residents is a key priority and we want to hear people’s thoughts on these proposals.

“Poor air quality is the largest environmental risk to public health in the UK and domestic burning is a major contributor.

“This pollutant has also been identified by the World Health Organization as the most damaging to human health, especially in vulnerable groups of people such as the young, elderly and those with respiratory problems.

“Improving air quality is a vital goal and we are exploring expanding our existing Smoke Control Area to cover the entire Borough to help reduce emissions and air pollution from domestic and commercial chimneys.”