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Rushcliffe Oaks crematorium opens from April 3

Last updated: 20/4/2023

Rushcliffe Oaks crematorium is now open, a modern contemporary building and community space in Stragglethorpe near Cotgrave, focussing on reflecting a connection back to nature and wildlife.

Rushcliffe Borough Council has opened the Midlands’ greenest crematorium to date from Monday April 3 that will allow a sensitive, peaceful and respectful place for a send off for loved ones.

The original concept had the environment at its heart, providing peaceful surroundings and a low carbon design. Through the use of innovative technologies and renewable energy sources, the facility is operationally carbon neutral.

The building is served by its own solar panels and energy-efficient lighting reduces power consumption and minimises light pollution. It also includes a green sedum 'living roof', providing an additional habitat for wildlife.

A greener electric powered cremator, instead of the more traditional gas, will lower CO2 emissions by up to 85 per cent and the Council is one of the first in the country to invest in this new technology.

The grounds consist of a reflection garden which can be viewed from inside the chapel, a formal memorial garden featuring a memory tree and the Quercus woodland and wildflower meadow, creating a sustainable home for wildlife.

The authority’s Director Development and Economic Growth Leanne Ashmore said: “We are so proud to be able to offer our residents and people of Nottinghamshire a beautiful new place to say goodbye and to remember their loved ones.

“Our whole focus has been to provide a modern and peaceful setting with a connection to nature that is environmentally conscious.

“The attractively landscaped grounds and tranquil memorial garden provide a communal space for quiet reflection and remembrance of loved ones.

“Rushcliffe Oaks offers a wide range of memorial options which have been conscientiously sourced, mainly from local suppliers and using natural materials. There is also a digital book of remembrance where you can write a free message of condolence.

“We have a wonderful, dedicated team on-site who are committed to providing a professional and personal service for all visitors, sympathetic to all who have been bereaved.”

The crematorium will be operated and managed by the Council, with service times between the hours of 9.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Further information about the new facility is available on the Rushcliffe Oaks website. All the latest information is also available by emailing or on the dedicated Facebook page - simply search Rushcliffe Oaks.