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Rural Sites Programme

The Housing Strategy 2016-2021 and Housing Delivery Plan 2016-21 outlines the importance of maintaining buoyant rural communities, particularly ensuring affordable homes are available within rural locations where opportunities to provide these homes, as part of a residential development, are limited. 

How do we choose which rural areas for development?

In 2004, we had an in-depth look at rural areas to see where affordable homes were needed. The priority areas were those with a population of between 1,000 and 3,000, which had facilities such as a primary school, health centre, shops and a church. In order to widen opportunities, this threshold has been lowered to below 1,000 residents and smaller villages have been combined, where appropriate.  

What has been achieved so far?

Affordable homes specifically for local residents have been delivered at East Bridgford, Cropwell Bishop and most recently at Gotham.

Who do we work with?

The Trent Valley Partnership, consisting of Rushcliffe Borough Council's housing team and Midlands Rural Housing, work with landowners and registered providers who deliver, own and manage the properties.

The group works with relevant Parish Councils and gains their support before developing the new homes.

What are our priority areas?

We have assessed housing needs in a number of areas including:

What happens after the housing needs survey?

After the survey, if the parish council agrees with the need for new affordable homes, the group talks to local landowners to see if land is available.

If there is a suitable site, a planning application is submitted. Our housing team then encourage people with a strong local connection to express an interest in the new properties.

This process is time consuming, but it is important that we get it right where there are limited places to build new homes in rural areas. 

The Council has produced a Affordable Housing Guide for local residents  and a Affordable Housing Guide for parish councils‌. These fully explains how these type of developments work. For further information on affordable housing in rural areas please contact us.

Small rural sites (exception sites)

Exception sites are small sites in rural areas where we develop affordable homes involving the local community.

Local Plans contain policies covering rural exception sites. This enables homes to be provided for local people where normal open market development would not normally be allowed.

Exception sites have been completed in a number of areas including Aslockton, East Bridgford, Tollerton, Cropwell Bishop and Kinoulton.

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