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Housing Development

For many years, house prices and rents in the UK have grown faster than average incomes. This has led to an increasing need for affordable housing as more people struggle to afford to purchase or rent a home.

According to Land Registry published data, the average house price in Rushcliffe was just over £257,000 in February 2017. This is higher than the average prices for both Nottinghamshire (circa £161,000) and Nottingham City (circa £128,000). The average house price in Rushcliffe has risen from circa £197,000 in 2011, a rise of 30%.

According to Valuation Agency Office data recorded in 2015/16 the average monthly rent (median) for a privately rented property in Rushcliffe is as follows:

  • £325 (shared accommodation);
  • £375 (studio);
  • £425 (1 bedroom);
  • £550 (2 bedrooms);
  • £695 for (3 bedrooms); and
  • £1100 (4+bedrooms).

This is higher than the Nottinghamshire averages and contributes to the need for affordable housing. We work with developers and Registered Providers to assess and meet the local need for affordable housing.

  •  from April 2009 to March 2017, we helped to ensure that 430 new affordable homes were delivered.

As a largely rural area, we make sure that affordable housing is built in the countryside where there is a housing need. This helps local people to stay in their communities and allows those communities to thrive.