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Rushcliffe Authority-Wide Design Code

It has recently become a requirement for Local Planning Authorities to prepare design codes in which they set out design requirements for developments in their area.  Work has started to prepare a Design Code for Rushcliffe which will replace the Rushcliffe Residential Design Guide SPD (2009). It is envisaged that the Design Code will be adopted as a Supplementary Plan and will have the same weight as the Local Plan in planning decisions.

National Model Design Code

The National Model Design Code was published in 2021 and makes up part of the Planning Practice Guidance. It sets out the process which the Council will be following in the development of its Design Code.

  • Stage 1: Analysis

    • 1A Scoping; 1B Baseline Analysis

  • Stage 2: Vision

    • 2A Design Vision; 2B Coding Plan

  • Stage 3: Code

    • 3A Guidance for Area Types; 3B General Guidance


Stage 1A. Scoping

Work has now completed on the Scoping Stage of the Rushcliffe Design Code process and Harper Perry Architects were engaged to help with this work. An online community engagement platform was launched to gather a range of views on what topics, types of development and geographical areas the design code should focus on. 

This initial period of community engagement ran until Thursday 7 March 2024. The results from this engagement are now being analysed and will be published on this page shortly.  

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Stage 1B. Baseline Analysis 

An analysis of the Borough has been carried out and a series of topic-based maps and character appraisals will shortly be published on this page. The analysis and the results of the scoping exercise (Stage 1A) will be used to inform the Vision of the Design Code and how the Borough will be divided up into Area Types (or zones). This will comprise Stage 2 of the Design Code development.

Please come back to this page for updates as the work on the Design Code progresses over the next 12 months. There will be opportunities to give your views at each stage of the Design Code process.