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Pavement Licence

The Government has introduced measures through the Business and Planning Act 2020 to support businesses selling food and drink during the economic recovery while social distancing guidelines remain in place. The bill will streamline the process of obtaining permission for the placing of tables and chairs outside your business on the pavement.

It is necessary to get a pavement licence to place items outside a business on the public highway; this includes:

•    counters or stalls selling or serving food and drink,
•    tables, counters or shelves on which food or drink can be placed,
•    chairs benches or other forms of seating and umbrellas,
•    barriers, heaters and other items used in connection with the outdoor consumption of food and drink.

All applications will need to be submitted electronically. Once a completed application is submitted there is a 7-day consultation period beginning on the first day following the day on which the application was made. Applicants will be required to display a public notice at their premises throughout the 7-day period. The Council will send the details of the application to relevant authorities and the full application will appear on the Council’s website where it will be available for public consideration, this will allow for representation to be made.

Following the last day consultation period, there is a further 7-day period for determination of the application, any representations, recommendations or adjustments. A site meeting may be requested.

By the end of the determination, the Applicant will be informed of the Council’s decision.

The Licence may be granted with the standard conditions, or may granted with additional conditions specific to the site, or may be refused for reasons that will be clearly explained. If the Council does not make a formal decision about the application by the end of the determination period, the licence is deemed to have been granted.

Initially a Pavement Licence granted by Rushcliffe Borough Council will be issued for a period of 6 months or up until February 2021 which-ever is sooner, with the application fee set at £100.00. The granting of Pavement Licences by the Council will be reviewed in February 2021.

View the "Standard Conditions" to be attached to a Pavement Licence conditions

Download a Pavement Licence Application Form

Download a Pavement Licence Site Notice

For further advice on Pavement Licensing please call 0115 981 9911 or email



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