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Industrial Processes and Environmental Permitting

Information about the ‘permitting’ and regulation of industrial processes.

Permitted processes for local authority control

Operators of 'prescribed' industrial processes for local authority control are required to apply to the local authority for a 'permit' under the Pollution Prevention and Control Act (1999) Part A2 or Part B depending on the type of process. The requirement covers new and existing processes. The types of processes covered by this legislation are contained in schedule 1 of the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010.

When the permit is granted, conditions are attached to minimise the effects of emissions of pollutants to the environment. Details of the permits and any existing authorisations, granted under the previous legislation, including monitoring data and legal notices are kept on a public register available for inspection at the Rushcliffe Arena.

A list of Pollution and Prevention Control Act permitted installations within the district of Rushcliffe Borough Council is available to download:

To make an application for a Prescribed Process then please use the appropriate form listed to the right in the documents section. The charges for these applications can be found on the fees and charges pages. Please email or post the form and supporting information to:

Rushcliffe Borough Council
Rushcliffe Arena, Rugby Road
West Bridgford

Hazardous Substances

Information and guidance relating to hazardous substances in the workplace can be found in the Health and Safety section of our website.

Hazardous pollution incidents that occur in the environment need to be reported to the Environment Agency. The Agency regulates waste management through a system of licences. They register and monitor people who transport waste, and they must be told beforehand if anyone moves potentially dangerous waste ('special waste' such as asbestos). The Agency works closely with Rushcliffe Borough Council and other organisations to tackle specific pollution control issues such as fly-tipping (dumping waste illegally).



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