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Equality and Diversity

Rushcliffe Borough Council aims to provide services fairly and recognises the importance of meeting the diverse range of needs among its cross-section of residents, customers and staff.  The Council strives to ensure Rushcliffe is an inclusive council with welcoming and safe communities.

Our Equalities Scheme outlines how we will meet the general duty (section 149) of the Equality Act to eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation and foster good relationships.

We carry out equality impact assessments to make sure our policies and services are fair.

An Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) is an assessment that allows us to make sure we do not discriminate and that, where possible, we promote equality. We carry out equality impact assessments to make sure our policies and services are fair.

By asking questions about how the policy or service will affect different groups we can design them so they promote the good effects and eliminate the bad. Also, by understanding and meeting the needs of different people we can deliver a better service to them.

Equality Framework for Local Government

The Equality Framework is the national standard that measures our progress on equality and diversity.

It looks at five areas:

  1. Knowing your communities and monitoring equality
  2. Place-shaping, leadership, partnership and organisational commitment
  3. Community engagement and satisfaction
  4. Responsive services and customer care
  5. A modern and diverse workforce.

Performance is assessed as 'Developing', 'Achieving' or 'Excellent' and Rushcliffe Borough Council has been classified as 'Achieving'.

To find out more about the Equality Framework, go to the Local Government Association website.

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