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Trade Union Facility Time

The 2015 Transparency Code requires information about Trade Union Facility time to be published. This is the amount of time that is allowed by the organisation for representatives of the recognised trade unions to participate in approved union activities. The information is provided below.

Union Representatives and Facility time - 2022/23

  • The recognised Trade Unions are GMB and UNISON.
  • There is one employee (1 FTE) that is recognised as a union representative.
  • There are no union representatives who devote at least 50% of their time to union duties.
  • It is estimated that the total salary cost of union representatives undertaking union duties for the year 2021/2022 is £211.37 (calculated as the number of full time equivalent days spent on union duties multiplied by the average salary).
  • It is estimated that the spending on union time as a percentage of the total pay bill is 0.0019% (calculated as number of FTE days multiplied by average salary divided by the total pay bill).