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Grass, Trees and Hedges

Grass cutting

Grass areas which the Council is responsible for are cut on a regular schedule. Continued bad weather can delay cutting and extended dry weather may make cutting unnecessary.

We cut the grass at:

  •  Bridgford Park, West Bridgford
  •  Sports pitches in West Bridgford
  •  West Park, West Bridgford
  •  Rushcliffe Country Park, Ruddington
  •  Rushcliffe Oaks Crematorium, Cotgrave

Grass cuttings aren't collected. The best environmental option is also to leave the clippings on the grass. It does not produce the methane gas associated with composting or landfill, and at 80% water the clippings quickly decompose, providing a natural mulch, feeding worms and fertilizing the soil.

If you see an area of grass which you think needs to be cut, request grass cutting online.  Please note that Nottinghamshire County Council is responsible for cutting grass on highway verges.


Rushcliffe Borough Council carries out maintenance to trees owned by the Council. Trees covered include those in open spaces, recreation sites, and in the following parks: Bridgford Park, West Bridgford; West Park, West Bridgford; and Rushcliffe Country Park, Ruddington.

Trees on highways are the responsibility of Nottinghamshire County Council.

Hedges and shrubs

Hedges and shrubs which the Council is responsible for are cut annually from October to March. To report problems complete the tree report form or hedges report form.

No Mow 

We've installed a number of ‘No Mow’ areas across the Borough to act as summer pollinator sites and encourage wildlife and habitats to thrive even further.

It follows on from the success of the scheme over the last two years and compliments the national ‘No Mow’ in May campaign. It’s now expanded to over 30 sites across the Borough from May to September this year, covering over three hectares.

Read more on our summer pollinator scheme.