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Litter and Litter Bins

Litter ranges in size from a single sweet wrapper to a bag full of rubbish. If a person drops, throws, deposits, or leaves anything that causes defacement in a public place, they are committing a littering offence (Environmental Protection Act of 1990). So always try to use a litter bin or take litter home to dispose of it.

If you need to notify us of an area that needs sweeping or is littered, report litter online or call us on 0115 981 9911.

Litter Picking Champions

Join our Rushcliffe Litter Picking Champions scheme and help keep your neighbourhood litter-free.

By signing up to become a clean champion, you are joining a number of volunteers across Rushcliffe helping make Rushcliffe a cleaner place to live. Whether you are a local resident, club, school or business, all are welcome.

How can Streetwise help?

We can support litter picking in Rushcliffe by providing litter pickers and bags (subject to availability), and by collecting and disposing of bags from litter picking events.

To become a Litter Picking Champion, arrange equipment or bag collection please email

Why take part in a community litter pick?

By joining a local group you'll be meeting like-minded people and getting to know your neighbours. Working together with others in your community you will harness local support for cleaning up litter. It is also a great way to exercise out in the fresh air!

Public Litter bins

We provide a significant number of litter and dog bins throughout Rushcliffe. Litter bins are usually placed in areas of high pedestrian traffic and where a litter problem has been identified, particularly in the town centres, outside local shops and other high litter areas. We also provide litter bins on Council owned Public Parks and Open Spaces.

The frequency with which these bins are emptied depends upon their usage. If you notice an overflowing, broken or faulty bin, report a problem with a litter bin or call us on 0115 981 9911. Our street litter bins are for litter and should not be used for household waste. 

Hire our street cleansing team for your event 

If you are a business or resident that needs our services for clean ups on private roads or at events, we can provide you with a competitive quote on request. Contact our team on 0115 981 9911 for more information.