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Pest control

The Council's environmental health service offers treatments for the pest types mentioned below - you can book a pest control treatment online or contact us for more information. Read our Service standard and charging policy for information about charges, response times, customer care and quality of service.

Pest treatments are chargeable and include a call out charge of £20.00 or £10.00 if in receipt of any means tested benefit.


Insecticides can be used to treat infested premises and protect them from re-infestation. In addition, pets can be treated directly. Insecticidal products are available which are specifically formulated and registered for use on the host animals. Only these products should be applied to animals and care should be taken to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Treatment: £75.00 (inc vat) - (2 days response time) or £37.50 (inc VAT) if on a qualifying benefit.


If you think you have a rat problem then you should use professional help in controlling the infestation. The first indications of a problem are likely to be damage to property, droppings (oval in shape ½” to ¾” in length) and holes appearing in the ground. However, the following simple rules may help to minimise the risk of an infestation:-

  • Do not leave any excess food waste outside overnight
  • Place all household rubbish in the dustbin and keep the lid shut
  • Do not let areas of the garden pile up with rubbish or become overgrown, as they will nest in this area.

Treatment: Costs are:

  • Rats inside house - £75.00 (inc vat) - (1 day response time from initial complaint)
  • Rats outside house - £75.00 (inc vat) - (5 days response time from initial complaint) or £37.50 (inc VAT) if on a qualifying benefit.

This cost includes a maximum of three visits - the first visit is to assess and lay bait. The second visit is 3 weeks later to assess take-up of bait and lay more bait if required. The third visit is in another 3 weeks to remove any bait boxes and unused bait. If, after discussion with the Pest Control Officer, it is decided that more than 3 visits are required then a further charge would be incurred.


An infestation of mice can be particularly difficult to control because of the rate at which they breed.

In order to prevent such an infestation occurring, exclusion should always be the primary method of control. All gaps greater than 5mm must be sealed using mortar, mesh or brush/bristle strips and any vegetation growing upwards and into the roof of a property should be cut back. If you can get your little finger through a gap then a mouse can squeeze through too!

Regular maintenance checks should always be carried out, both inside and outside the property throughout the year. Rubbish should be stored in a bin with a tight fitting lid and food should not be left out for the birds.

The Council provides a chargeable service for the treatment of rats for residents who live within the Borough. The treatment is carried out by qualified Pest Control Officers who adhere to Council procedures to ensure the safety of both the public and other animals. Cost:

  • Mice inside house - £75.00 (inc vat) - (3 days response time) or £37.50 (inc VAT) if on a qualifying benefit.


You will probably need professional help dealing with an infestation of bedbugs and Rushcliffe Borough Council provides a chargeable service.

The infested rooms should be sprayed with a broad spectrum residual insecticide, paying particular attention to bed frames, skirting boards, wall switches and any other cracks and crevices likely to shelter bugs.

Wherever possible, likely harbourages should be sealed after treatment with a residual crack and crevice treatment.

Treatment:  £75.00 (inc VAT) or £37.50 (inc VAT) if on a qualifying benefit.


Rushcliffe Borough Council provides a service for the treatment of wasps for which there is a charge. If you intend to carry out your own treatment, read the label of the pesticide container and follow the instructions carefully.

Treatment: maximum of one visit. Spraying of a single nest with a powder insecticide. If additional separate nests are identified before or during treatment then these can be treated at an additional reduced cost.

  • Wasps - £55.00 (inc vat) - (5 days response time) or £27.50 (inc VAT) if on a qualifying benefit.
  • Each additional nest costs £20 (or £10 if on a qualifying benefit).


Rushcliffe Borough Council does not provide a service for the treatment of bees, as most bees are not seen as a pest. Try the British Beekeepers Association website for help and advice.

If a swarm of honey bees needs to be collected you can find details of your nearest collector.  Please note that ONLY honey bees will be collected so please do not contact the bee keeper without confirming that they are honey bees.  You can check if you actually have got honey bees and not any other sort of bees by going to the do you have a swarm web page


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