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Submitting a Search

A Local Land Charges search is required to ensure that a purchaser of land or property is aware of charges held on the Local Land Charges register against that land or property.

Charges may be financial or non-financial. A search is carried out when a property is advertised for sale, leased or re-mortgaged and is usually carried out by a solicitor.

The search consists of two parts

  1. The LLC1 - This is the official certificate that deals with all the charges recorded in the Local Land Charges Register. These charges include planning applications, grants, confirmed tree preservation orders, financial charges, listed buildings and conservation areas.
  2. The Conveyancing Form (Con 29) - This form deals with matters that are not held on the Local Land Charges Register but are of interest to property owners.

The Con 29 is divided into two parts:

  • Con 29 (R) - Includes proposed road schemes, drainage, applications under the Building Regulations, environmental matters, proposed tree preservation orders etc
  • Con 29 (O) - These are optional enquiries and the questions that you require must be ticked in box C of the form. These questions relate to matters such as footpaths, pipelines, food safety notices, common land enquiries. Each question asked incurs an additional fee. All forms must be submitted and be accompanied by a clearly marked plan.

How to submit a search

To submit a search, complete the combined LLC1 and Con29 form. Separate forms can be obtained from legal stationers.

You must include the following with your search application:

  • Full postal address with postcode, or full description of the land
  • Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) if known
  • Two plans, to a suitable scale, showing the land edged in red
  • Part 2 additional enquiries, clearly marked
  • The correct search fee. Details of the fees can be seen on the Search fees page.

There are three ways to submit your search

By post: Complete the Local Search Request Form and post it to: Land Charges, Rushcliffe Borough Council, Rushcliffe Arena, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 7YG.

By email: Complete the Local Search Request Form and email to:

Online: Through the National Land Information Services (NLIS) portal.

Payments can be made online, sent by cheque, or we accept payment by card over the telephone.