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Information For Taxi Drivers

Applying for a New or Renewing your Combined Hackney/Private Hire Licence

If you are applying to renew your existing Private Hire or Hackney Carriage licence with Rushcliffe Borough Council please review the information on this page and click on the appropriate link at the bottom of this page to take you to the online renewal application and payment form.

If you are requiring to apply for a new combined driver's licence you must first complete the registration form and pre-application checks and submissions, after which you will be sent the link to apply and pay for the a new licence. If you apply for the a new licence without the pre-application checks and submissions necessary to support your application your application will be refused and you may be charged a fee for assessing your application.

Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Driver Licence Update

Following the Department of Transport's issuing of the Statutory Taxi & Private Hire Vehicle Standards, from the 1 April 2023  all applicants for the granting of a new, or the renewal of a Rushcliffe Borough Council Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Driver licence, will be required to pass the Council's approved proficiency test for spoken English, or alternatively provide proof of their exemption for the requirement, eg evidence of passing an equivalent English test with another Licensing Authority or possessing a relevant educational qualification.

In order to complete the “Spoken English Test” you will require to have access to the internet via a video capable smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, also your own individual email address (Group or Company email addresses will not be accepted). Currently a fee of £50.00 is required in order to access the test website which can be booked by contacting the Licensing Section at or by calling 0115 981 9911. Instructions on how to take the test will then be sent to your given email address.

If you have any questions regarding the taking of the “Spoken English Test” please contact or call 0115 981 9911.

HMRC is requiring changes for taxi driver, private hire driver or operator applications

What you'll need to do to meet new rules if you're applying as:

an individual, company or any type of partnership applying for a licence for a:

  • taxi driver
  • private hire driver
  • private hire vehicle operator

on or after 4 April 2022.

You will not be able to receive a licence if you do not meet these new rules.

Review the changes for taxi, private hire or scrap metal licence applications from April 2022. 

Taxi Licensing Information for Drivers

What is the process to become a taxi driver?

The driver application process is a two stage process. 

To be a taxi driver you will be required to first register with the council and to submit the necessary evidence and/or undergo the required elements as set out below. This has the benefit that at any time the applicant can decide not to continue due to a change in circumstances or to proceed at a faster pace should they have the information and supporting submissions at hand.

Once complete you are required to complete the New Driver Application form, sign/declare and submit with the correct fee.

You may want to read our Hackney Carriage & Private Hire Licensing Policy 2020-2025 to understand what is involved and your responsibilities as a driver.

The 'Fit and Proper test'

You should be aware that the Council considers that licensed drivers are in a position of trust, and therefore the Council must ensure that applicants / licence holders are, and remain, "fit and proper" to hold a licence. In order to assess the suitability of an applicant (and to inform decision makers when answering the question above), the Licensing Authority will undertake whatever checks, and apply whatever processes it considers necessary to ensure that licences are not issued to, or used by, unsuitable persons. An individual will not be considered fit and proper to hold a licence if there is any evidence of dishonesty, and/or it can be shown that an applicant or existing licence holder has misled, or attempted to mislead, the Council.

Stage one, Registration - what is required?

The Authority has moved to a two part system of applying for a dual driver's badge. As a prospective driver you will be required to register with the Authority that you are interested in becoming a driver. You will then receive an email with a check list of items as set out below, some of which will require additional payments to be made. This process MUST be completed within a three month period.

You must produce the following in any order during the three month period:

  1. An enhanced DBS Check (Disclosure and Barring Service). Use the guide to online disclosure found below in related documents.
  2. Full UK drivers Licence held for at least a year.
  3. Two current passport sized photographs.
  4. UK passport or 9-digit immigration share code provided by the Home Office.
  5. National Insurance Number.
  6. Medical examination with AC Medical Services Ltd, Rectory Road, Colwick, Nottingham, NG4 2DU. Contact the AC medical services on 07802 850 084/0115 6488985 or or other medical supplier if agreed by this service prior, fees for medical examinations are payable to the practitioners. Please check related documents below. 
  7. Driving test with Nottingham City Council. To book a test, please telephone - 0115 8761444 - the fee is payable to Nottingham City (available to book from 5th October 2020).
  8. Safeguarding Course pass. Course information is found in the Related Documents section - online course offered by The Blue Lamp Trust.  Please check related documents below.
  9. Two Character reference's (cannot be from prospective employer, councillors, immediate family members).
  10. Two utility bills to confirm address.
  11. Rushcliffe Borough Council Knowledge Test.  A computerised test (maximum of 3 tests only) - £31.00 per test.
  12. Completion of English Test certificate unless exempt (e.g. provide a copy of a UK qualification) a fee applies if required

You may also be required to supply the following information:

  1. HMRC Tax Check Share Code for renewal applications and for new applications where the applicant holds or has previously held within the last 12 months or held a HC/PH Driver or Operator Licence.
  2. European Union Settlement Scheme (EUSS). Where the applicant is a Citizen or the EU, EAA Nation State or a Citizen of Switzerland, a EUSS Share Code confirming their right to reside and work in the UK

Stage two, the application form should be made within three (3) months of the registration being made. After this period we will contact you and if a full application is not made or the registration process not completed as required we will close the registration case. If you decide to reapply later a new registration will be required. This is because some information you are required to provide is time limited and on occasion some applicants abandon their applications without notice. All of the above must be in place before the three month period expires - there are no refunds of any monies paid as the fees cover each element as you proceed.  Please read the procedure notes.

Complete, submit & Pay (see driver's registration fee at fees webpages) your

To start the process to become a combined licenced driver.

Our fees are published at fees and charges webpages.

Stage two, Application

Following the completion of the registration and document submission stage the application form to become a driver can be completed. This will be sent to you or you will be directed to a submission page. You must include some final up to date information to demonstrate your fit and proper status, sign/confirm the declaration and pay the correct fee. The fees for the application element to become a driver are set out on our fees page.

Once submitted we aim to process the application in 15 working days (3 weeks not including bank holidays).

We do use other databases for information on applicants DVLA for any convictions, (including cautions, warnings, Fixed Penalty Notices and ASBOs), as well as any motoring convictions which may be recorded against you. Any applications which have been refused for a Private Hire / Hackney licence (NAFN) and all of the authorities in Nottinghamshire collect and share information on refusals and revocation.

You are required to declare any offence or refusal / suspension by another Authority. Also, in addition, if you have been through the registration process before, you must not re apply within three months of your last registration period expiring. If you require any advice on the registration process please contact or phone 0115 981 9911.

Renew a Combined Driver's Licence

Use these links when your current licence is still valid and you wish to renew your licence. If you licence has expired and the renewal code fails you must contact us as you may need to apply for a new Initial application.

To use the renewal links below you will need the renewal code from your reminder letter. If you do not have your reminder letter you should contact the licencing service who can resend this to you. Tel 0115 914 8322 or email

PLEASE NOTE:  The application form is not submitted or received by Rushcliffe Borough Council if the payment is not made at the time of completing the application form.

PLEASE NOTE: Please ensure your renewal date is within one month of the expiry date of your current existing licence. If you apply too early the application will not proceed and an error will occur. You may however apply at a later date.

Our fees are published at fees and charges webpages.

Will Tacit authority apply?


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