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Information for Taxi Operators

Applying for a New or Renewing your Private Hire Operators Licence

If you are applying for a new or to renew your existing Private Hire Operator's Licence with Rushcliffe Borough Council please review the information on this page and click on the appropriate link at the bottom of this page to take you to the online New and Renewal applications and payment forms.

Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Driver Licence Update

Following the Department of Transports’ issuing of the Statutory Taxi & Private Hire Vehicle Standards, from the 1 April 2023  all applicants for the granting of a new, or the renewal of a Rushcliffe Borough Council Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Driver licence, will be required to pass the Councils’ approved proficiency test for spoken English, or alternatively provide proof of their exemption for the requirement, e.g. evidence of passing an equivalent English test with another Licensing Authority or possessing a relevant educational qualification.

Further details of acceptable educational qualifications will follow shortly together with links to the appropriate websites.

HMRC is requirements for taxi driver, private hire driver or operator applications

What you'll need to do to meet new rules if you're applying as:

individual, company or any type of partnership applying for a licence for a:

  • taxi driver
  • private hire driver
  • private hire vehicle operator

on or after 4 April 2022.

You will not be able to receive a licence if you do not meet these rules.

Changes for taxi, private hire or scrap metal licence applications from April 2022 

Private Hire Operators

As a result of legal advice Rushcliffe Borough Council will NOT accept new applications for Private Hire Operators who have bases OUTSIDE of the Rushcliffe area.

To apply for a licence to become a private hire vehicle operator or to renew an operator's licence, please read our Hackney Carriage & Private Hire Licensing Policy 2020-2025.

Do I need another DBS check for my operators application?

If you are a licensed driver with Rushcliffe Borough Council we may use your current DBS check to assist with determining your application providing it is up to date. If you are not a driver you will be required to produce with your application form a Basic DBS check which you will be responsible for obtaining via DBS Service

Will I need planning permission for my Operator’s licence?

Please contact our planning team, who will confirm if you need planning permission. The property you intend to use may require a 'change of use' through planning; depending on how many vehicles you intend to employ, the surrounding area's use (be it residential or commercial) and the use of signage and radio masts outside the property may affect a planning application.

Does my operating base have to be in the Borough?

YES. The base for the operator's licence needs to be within the Borough.

As an operator, how should I run my business?

To operate you will be required to receive advanced  bookings and keep records. Our Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Policy document gives all details but we have also produced a quick guide you can find here.

Bookings records

Records kept by the Operator shall be kept in a suitable register, computer or in such a form as the Council shall approve. The following shall be entered for every booking:

  • The time and date of the booking;
  • The name and if appropriate the address of the hirer;
  • How the booking was made, for example, phone/personal/on line;
  • The time of pick up and full address;
  • Pick up point if any;
  • Destination;
  • Licence/call sign of the vehicle and driver allocated;
  • Time booking allocated to driver;
    • These records shall be kept for not less than 2 years. 
    • In addition the Operator shall keep at his operating base records of the following information relating to vehicles operated by him.
  • Vehicle registration and licence number;
  • Make and colour;
  • Name of proprietor/owner;
  • Name and addresses of all licensed drivers together with badge numbers;
  • Retain a copy of vehicle and drivers licenses whilst working for them; and
  • Copies of all insurance certificates relating to vehicles used.

Records for inspection

Other records to be kept at the operator's base (for inspection) include:

  • All employed vehicle licence and registration numbers
  • Make, colour, engine size and year of manufacture
  • All employed vehicles' insurance certificates and cover notes
  • Name and address of proprietor
  • Name and address of drivers for each vehicle and badge number
  • The paper licences of drivers and vehicles will be retained by the operator whilst they are working for them.

The above records must be able to be produced on request to any authorised officer of the Council for inspection.

Complaint Records

Each Operator shall keep records of all complaints made to him or his agent/staff relative to any aspect of the business. The records shall be contain:

  • Date and time of complaint;
  • Name of complaint and contact details
  • Nature of complaint
  • Status of complaint (non-urgent/ urgent);
  • Action taken by Operator including if the Local Authority was informed.

In addition Operators should ensure that all dispatch operators are aware of the complaints procedures and are trained accordingly in its use.

Private Hire Operator application forms

You will be required to attach your supporting documents and make a payment for the application to submit your application online.

To apply for a new PHO licence use the following link.

Use the link below when your current licence is still valid and you wish to renew your licence. 

To use the renewal link below you will need the renewal code from your reminder letter. If you do not have your reminder letter you should contact the licensing service who can resend this to you. Tel 0115 914 8322 or email

PLEASE NOTE:  the application form is not submitted or received by Rushcliffe Borough Council if the payment is not made at the time of completing the application form.

Our fees are published at fees and charges webpage

Licensing Fees

Public registers

Information can be viewed on our public register for taxis.

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