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Tree and Hedgerows Planting to Enhance Landscape Character

Information about the character areas within Rushcliffe

The Countryside Appraisal - Nottinghamshire Landscape Guidelines published by Nottinghamshire County Council subdivides the County into a number of 'character areas'. These areas are defined by their landscape character, vegetation pattern and the locally native vegetation found within them. These in turn have been created by different geological characteristics, soil structures, farming techniques, settlement characteristics, drainage patterns and topography.

Recommended trees and shrubs for planting in Rushcliffe

The trees should be, as far as is reasonably possible, locally sources and of appropriate local provenance (preferably grown from locally collected seed or as defined by the Forestry Commission Practice Note [1999] Using Local Stock for Planting Native Trees and Shrubs) [Local Provenance Regions 402 or 403].

Four regional character areas

The Borough of Rushcliffe contains four regional character areas in whole or in part. Find a list of trees and hedgerow species which are in keeping with the areas, it is recommended where possible that trees of local provenance are used in planting schemes:

View a map showing the four regional character areas in Rushcliffe



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