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Tell Us if Your Circumstances Change

The amount of help you receive depends upon your circumstances and of the circumstances of others living with you. You must tell us if anyone in your household’s circumstances change, if it has a bearing on your claim. Failure to do this could result in prosecution.

Report your changes of circumstances online

For reporting a change of address complete the change of address form.

You can report changes using our online form.

Some examples of changes that affect the amount of benefit paid are:

  • Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance stops or starts
  • You, or your partner/spouse start work
  • Someone joins or leaves your household
  • Child Benefit stops
  • Any changes to your child care costs
  • You start to receive extra income or your savings increase
  • If you or your partner are absent from home for more than 4 weeks.

Ring in your changes of circumstances

You can tell us about any changes in your circumstances which could affect your benefit by calling us on 0115 981 9911. In certain circumstances, we can process the change during the telephone call.

If your circumstances change and you are not sure whether your benefit will be affected, tell us anyway.

You may need to send us original supporting documents to confirm the change. If you notify us of a change of circumstances by email, we will write to you if we need any further information. For more information, see the Electronic communications directive authorising us to do this.



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