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Discretionary Housing Payments

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs) are extra payments to help pay rent.

A DHP may be awarded when the Council considers that a claimant requires further financial assistance towards housing costs and is in receipt of either Housing Benefit (HB) or Universal Credit (UC) with the housing element included. Please note that while the housing costs of the UC award notification may refer to support for mortgage payments, owner-occupiers are not eligible to receive DHPs.

We can’t give DHPs for the following:

  • Service charges not covered by housing benefit
  • Any rent you owe
  • If we take any amount from your housing benefit because your Jobseeker’s Allowance has not been paid because you have broken the rules of your claim
  • When your housing benefit payment is suspended
  • Rent, if you are only entitled to council tax reduction
  • Council tax
  • If the only benefit you get is second adult rebate.

How do I apply for a DHP?

You can only apply for a DHP if you are currently entitled to some housing benefit from us or if you are getting Universal Credit that includes something towards your housing costs. You can complete a DHP claim online or contact us and we will send you one in the post.

DHP form for rent deposit or rent in advance

If you need help to cover a deposit and /or rent in advance when you move to a new property, you can complete a rent deposit or in advance claim online.

In the main, these awards will be restricted to assisting moves into private rented accommodation. Where applications are received to assist with moves to RSL properties, the award will be limited to one-week rent in advance and only when the claimant is not able to afford to pay for this out of their own finances.

DHP form for removal costs

If you need help to cover your removal costs when you move to a new property, you can complete a removal costs claim online

DHP form for significantly adapted accommodation

If you need a claim DHP to cover a restriction in your rent due to under occupation and you live in significantly adapted accommodation. You can complete a DHP claim online.

How do you decide if I can have a DHP?

We look at the following to reach our decision:

  • Your income
  • Your savings
  • If anyone else in your house can help you
  • If you have any loans or debts
  • If you could manage your money better
  • If you, or anyone in your family, is ill or disabled
  • If you have tried to put the situation right yourself.

We will ask you for a lot of information in support of your application and will notify you of our decision in writing.

If we give you a DHP, we will tell you the amount and how long we will pay it for.

Further information can be found in our Discretionary Housing Payments Policy.



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