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Public Speaking

Public speaking at Planning Committee

If you wish to have your say at a Planning Committee, please read the Planning Applications - Public Speaking Protocol, and register your interest with our Democratic Services Team at or phone 0115 9148 349 or 0115 9148 277.

Information about citizen’s questions can be found in the questions and answers below.

What are citizen’s questions?

  • Citizen’s Question is the opportunity at the beginning of each meeting of the Council’s Cabinet and each ordinary meeting of Full Council for citizens to ask questions about the council or the services it provides. It is a key part of the Borough Council’s commitment to transparency, openness and accessibility in the democratic process.
  • The question session lasts for 15 minutes and is open to residents who live in the Borough or business owners who have a business address in the Borough but are not Rushcliffe residents (this opportunity is not extended to employees of businesses in the Borough who are not residents).
  • The following guidelines have been introduced to help Citizen’s Questions run smoothly and to be of maximum benefit to the public.

How do I ask a question?

  • Questions for Citizen’s Questions need to be submitted in advance of either the Cabinet or Council meeting at which you would like to ask your question. Please see the table at the bottom of the page for a list of meeting dates and deadlines for submitting your question.
  • Your question must be submitted in writing to Democratic Services, by email: or by letter to Democratic Services, Rushcliffe Borough Council, Rushcliffe Arena, Rugby Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 7YG.
  • You need to give us your name, address (or that of your Borough based business) and e-mail (please note that your contact details will not be disclosed without your permission).

How many questions can I ask?

  • There is a limit of one question per citizen at each meeting.
  • Your question must be relevant to some matter in which the Council has powers or duties. They should be limited to one subject, but may have more than one part.

What can I ask?

  • Your question should avoid detailed individual service issues (such as why a particular refuse bin has not been collected) as there are other ways of raising this kind of issue.
  • Questions relating to specific planning or licensing applications cannot be accepted as there are other ways of raising these e.g. objecting to the application.
  • Questions may be rejected by the Chief Executive, in consultation with the Leader (at Cabinet) or the Mayor (at Council), for the following reasons:
    • The question relates to an issue that is not a Council responsibility
    • The question is defamatory, vexatious, or offensive
    • The question is similar to or has already been asked in the last 6 months
    • Where a response would disclose confidential or exempt information
    • Where a response would relate to matters currently under investigation
    • Where a response would relate to a matter where Council has a quasi-judicial or regulatory role.
  • Officers in our Democratic Services team will provide every assistance to any individual wishing to ask a question, including assistance with the wording or writing of the question if requested. For further information email or telephone 0115 9148481.

Can I ask the question in person at the Cabinet or Council meeting?

  • Yes, you may attend a meeting to present your question in person. You will be limited to the wording of the question as it has been submitted. If you prefer, your question can be read out by the Leader (at Cabinet) or the Mayor (at Council). However, you will be invited to the meeting to hear the response given. The meeting usually follows the order as printed in the agenda, but the Leader (at Cabinet) or the Mayor (at Council) may alter the order of the agenda at the meeting.

Who will respond to my question?

  • Your question will be answered by the most relevant Portfolio Holder (that is the Cabinet member who has special responsibility for the service or topic to which the question relates) or one of our Scrutiny Committee Chairmen. The Leader (at Cabinet) or the Mayor (at Council) will ask the most appropriate person to respond to your question.
  • The Leader (at Cabinet) or the Mayor (at Council) will determine which questions are to be answered at the meeting (in accordance with the guidelines for questions above). If more questions are received than can be answered in the time allocated (up to fifteen minutes), written answers will be sent to all questions not dealt with at the meeting and copies of written answers will be available to all members of the Borough Council and published on the Council web site.

Who decides what questions are answered?

  • No discussion will be held on any question or answer.
  • The minutes of the meeting will record the name of the questioner, what the question was about, the name of the Councillor answering the question and details of the answer given. Minutes are available after the meeting and can be viewed on the Council’s website and at the Council offices.

Need help?

  • If you have any additional questions, or you would like to talk to someone about the Citizen’s Questions arrangements, Democratic Services staff will be very happy to help on 0115 9148481 or email

Questions, motions and petitions deadlines for Council and Cabinet 2024-25

Date of Council Meeting

Deadline for submission of motions/petitions (by 5pm)

Deadline for submission of Cllr and Citizens questions (by 5pm)

Thursday 18 July

Thursday 4 July

Monday 15 July

Thursday 26 September

Thursday 12 September

Monday 23 September

Thursday 5 December

Thursday 21 November

Monday 2 December

Thursday 6 March

Thursday 20 February

Monday 3 March

Thursday 22 May




Date of Cabinet Meeting

Deadline for submission of Cllr and Citizens questions (by 5pm)

Tuesday 11 June

Thursday 6 June

Tuesday 9 July

Thursday 4 July

Tuesday 10 September

Thursday 5 September

Tuesday 8 October

Thursday 3 October

Tuesday 12 November

Thursday 7 November

Tuesday 10 December

Thursday 5 December

Tuesday 14 January

Thursday 9 January

Tuesday 11 February

Thursday 6 February

Tuesday 11 March

Thursday 6 March

Tuesday 8 April

Thursday 3 April

Tuesday 13 May

Thursday 8 May