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Animal Health and Welfare

Fees and charges for Animal Health and Welfare

More information about the service and fees for individual elements of the licence application are available in the Animal Licences section.

You are advised that the Inspector will follow the Statutory Guidance  issued by the DEFRA to determine the duration of the licence. This will mean a one year or two year licence for new applicants initially together with a “Star Rating” of one to five. Any applicant that is not new will receive one, two or three years licence and a star rating. When deciding on the length of a licence the council must have regard to the welfare standards and if the minimum standards are not met a licence cannot be granted.

Charges for animal licences


Non-business VAT

Hiring out of horses (riding establishments - exclusive of vets fees) 643.00
Dog breeding - inclusive of vets fee 683.00
Dog breeding - renewal 558.00
Dog day care & home boarding 571.00
Animal boarding (cattery and / or kennels) 507.00
Selling of animals (pet shop) 465.00
Keeping or training animals for exhibition 282.00
Zoos (plus veterinary fees) 669.50
Combined application highest fee applies & vet fees where applicable £
Variation to licence / re-evaluation of rating animal boarding pet shops and keeping animals for exhibition 176.00
Variation to licence / re-evaluation of rating breeding or riding activities (exclusive of vet fees) 176.00
Variation to reduce the licensable activities or number of animals 48.00
Transfer due to death 48.00
Dangerous wild animals 148.00
Copy of licence/replacement 26.00