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Penalty Charges

A parking fine (known as a penalty charge notice or PCN) will be issued to vehicles that have not met the parking requirements (or contraventions) of each car park. There is a sliding scale of charges depending on what has happened, ranging from low to high level contraventions.

Low level contraventions include things like staying longer than the time or parking outside the bay, and are charged at £50 - reduced to £25 if paid in 14 days.

Higher levels contraventions are things like parking a vehicle that causes an obstruction or exceeds the height restriction, and are charged at £70 – reduced to £35 if paid in 14 days.

There is a transparent, appeals process if you would like to challenge the parking fine. All challenges must be in writing either by post to:

Central Processing Centre
PO BOX 10282
NG17 0DX

or using the online service.

Details on how to pay can be found online. Contact details for further information are on the back of the parking fine. The fine needs to be paid within 28 days to avoid any further action.