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Why Recycle?

We all have a responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment and to protect it for future generations.

Reduce the amount of waste produced

  • Choose products with less packaging
  • Buy in bulk where possible
  • Buy quality items that last longer
  • Buy refills rather than new.

Reuse things more than once to save money:

  • Use ‘bags for life’ rather than carrier bags
  • Donate quality items to charity shops
  • Use jars for storing things like left over sauces or gravy
  • Compost your uncooked vegetable peeling and garden waste at home
  • Cooked food composting: A wormery or bokashi system can compost kitchen waste including meat fish and dairy products.

Recycle only if you cannot reduce or reuse:

  • If you can not find a use for something, recycle it
  • Use your blue bin for paper and card, plastic bottles, yoghurt pots, margarine tubs and mixed food and drinks cans
  • The following items do not go in your blue bin, take them to one of the many bring sites around the Borough that accept that waste glass bottles and jars, textiles, shoes, books, Tetra Pak
  • See the Household Waste Recycling Centre for other materials that are not accepted at our bring sites.