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Recycling Sites

Information about the recycling sites in the borough.

Local recycling site/bring sites

Find your nearest recycling site and check to see what and where you can recycle materials that can not be placed into the blue bins.

Household waste recycling centres (tips)

There is a Household Waste Recycling Centre on Rugby Road in West Bridgford, where residents can recycle their household waste.

Please note: All Nottinghamshire residents who want to use a Household Waste Recycling Centre need to register their vehicle with Nottinghamshire County Council who run the sites.

To find out where all of the County's recycling centres are, the opening times and the waste that can be accepted at each site please visit Nottinghamshire County Council waste sites.

Glass recycling

Currently, we do not collect glass from the kerbside. You can recycle your glass bottles and jars at one of our recycling sites.

At these recycling sites you can separate glass by colour by placing them in designated glass recycling banks. The different glass colours are separated so they can become another jar or bottle.