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Smokefree Sidelines

What is Smokefree Sidelines?

Smokefree Sidelines is aimed at sports clubs and leagues with the ambition to support all adults involved in sport and physical activity to understand their responsibility as positive role models. It is about promoting a sports club as a healthy and inclusive place, where the wellbeing of all, but particularly children and young people, is a priority.

Smokefree Sidelines means that members and visitors to youth and children’s clubs are asked to refrain from smoking or vaping on the sidelines and in sight of children at fixtures and during training.

It is anticipated that parents will recognise what the initiative is trying to achieve and adhere to the rule. The campaign will give parents the opportunity to report smoking or vaping on the side-lines or in the view of children, to the club.

What are we doing in Rushcliffe?

Supported by Rushcliffe Clinical Commissioning Group and Nottinghamshire FA, we have been working with football clubs to introduce the initiative.

The following football clubs have pledged their support and are now encouraging their members, volunteers, parents and spectators to refrain from smoking or vaping on the sidelines and in sight of children at fixtures and training. 

  • Cotgrave Colts
  • Edwalton Cavaliers
  • East Leake Bantams
  • Keyworth United
  • Radcliffe Olympic
  • West Bridgford Colts

These clubs now have a Smokefree Sideline policy in place and encourage all of their members and supporters to be active and healthy.

Giving up smoking is the single most important thing you can do for your own health and the health of those around you. That’s why these clubs have created a supportive environment for all members and supporters who want to quit, and to reduce the likelihood of children and young people taking up smoking themselves.

What is the law about smoking?

The Health Act 2005 outlawed smoking inside workplaces and public places. Anyone found breaking this law can be subject to a maximum fine of £200.

Premises permitting smoking inside can be fined up to £2,500. Many organisations are now becoming completely smoke free. That means as well as abiding by the law which forbids smoking inside, they are making all their outdoor areas smoke free too.

Where can I get support to quit smoking?

Being a Smokefree Sidelines Club is not about targeting smokers unfairly or making them feel bad. Research shows that around 70% of smokers want to quit, and the initiative is also there to support members and supporters who want to kick the habit for good.

Please visit Your Health Notts, the NHS website or call Smokefree Life Nottinghamshire on 0115 772 2515. You can get one to one support in person or over the phone, on line or via text.  Advisors will help you to choose the right nicotine replacement therapy for you and give you tips and advice on how to beat cravings and keep on track to being fully smoke free.

What about e-cigarettes?

Vaping is included in the Smokefree Sidelines initiative to help guard against youth uptake of vaping. Vaping is not recommended for young people. In the UK protection is in place via prohibitions on the sale of e-cigarettes to under 18s.

View our video for video for National No Smoking Day on our Twitter page to find out more.