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War Memorials

War memorials are listed below in alphabetical order of the parish they can be found in.


  • Location: St George's churchyard, close to the Church, to the right hand side of the door
  • Description: Stone cross, with names on the plinth at the base.

Barton in Fabis

  • Location: St George's churchyard, close to the Church, to the right hand side of the door
  • Description: Stone cross, with names on the plinth at the base.


  • Location: All Saint's Church
  • Description: Boards with names set on a screen and a hanging cross, commemorating both world wars.


  • Location: Methodist church
  • Description: Plaque containing four names, commemorating World War I.


  • Location: St Mary's Church
  • Description: Marble and Alabaster plaque, commemorating World War I.

Car Colston

  • Location: St Mary's Church
  • Description: Wooden plaque in a dedicated area, commemorating World War I. There is also one individual wooden cross.

Colston Bassett

  • Location: St John's churchyard facing Church Gate
  • Description: Stone pillar with cross, commemorating World War I.


  • Location: St Giles Church.
  • Description: Two plaques, one commemorating each world war


  • Location: Graveyard, on the corner of Plumtree Road and Scrimshire Lane
  • Description: Stone cross on stepped plinth with bronze sword, commemorating both world wars. There is also a separate inscription to Private Walter Henstock, who died May 17, 1920.

Cropwell Bishop

  • Location: St Giles Church
  • Description: Memorial window, at the east end of the church, with a brass plaque beneath, commemorating both world wars. There are also two wooden crosses on the outside wall
  • Additional location: Memorial Hall on Nottingham Road.

Cropwell Butler

  • Location: Burial ground, on Cropwell Bishop Road
  • Description: Memorial lych gate, featuring a bronze plaque containing names, on the right hand side, commemorating World War I.

East Bridgford

  • Location: East corner of St Peter's churchyard, on the corner of Kirk Hill and Church Lane
  • Description: Stone pillar surmounted by cross, commemorating both world wars, erected in 1920.

East Leake

  • Location: On Brookside, opposite St Mary's Church
  • Description: Stone pillar surmounted by cross, commemorating both world wars
  • Additional location: There is also a plaque in front of the Methodist church to those who served in World War I.


  • Location: St Augustin's Church
  • Description: Brass plaque in the church, plus a stone with two names on in the graveyard, commemorating World War I.


  • Location: Recreation Ground, on Nottingham Road
  • Description: Memorial hall and gates, commemorating both world wars.

Granby cum Sutton

  • Location: North west corner of All Saints churchyard
  • Description: Stone cross with bronze plaque on the plinth at the base, commemorating World War I.


  • Location: St Mary and All Saint's Church
  • Description: Stone plaque on the east wall, commemorating World War I.


  • Location: St Luke’s Church
  • Description: Marble and alabaster plaque with names, commemorating both world wars. Plaques from the old village school are now in the village hall, Main Street.

Holme Pierrepont

  • Location: Stone base of the lych gate to St Edmund's Church
  • Description: There are two plaques commemorating World War I. The left sided plaque records those who died, the right side records those who returned.


  • Location: In grounds of former Royal British Legion Club, corner of Bunny Lane & Nottingham Road
  • Description: Stone faced plinth with names, commemorating both world wars.

Kingston on Soar

  • Location: St Winifrid's Church
  • Description: Two plaques, recording those who served in each world war, and those who died in each world war.


  • Location: St Luke's Church
  • Description: Bronze plaque inside the Church, includes those who returned, commemorating both world wars
  • Location: Poplar avenue at Vimy Ridge Farm
  • Description: Dedicated to the men of the 9th Battalion Sherwood Foresters killed at the Somme, replanted in 2000
  • Location: Village hall
  • Description: Stone column in front of the village hall, commemorating both world wars.

Langar cum Barnstone

  • Location: St Andrews churchyard, on the right hand side of the path
  • Description: Stone column with inscriptions on the plinth. There are also rolls of honour and a book of remembrance inside the Church, commemorating both world wars
  • Location: Langar Airfield
  • Description: Stone memorial to the dead of 207 Squadron.

Normanton on Soar

  • Location: In St James’s Church
  • Description: Marble and alabaster plaques with names commemorating both world wars


  • Location: St Mary's Church
  • Description: Wall plaque with six names on it, commemorating World War I. There is also a framed photograph of those who served in World War I.


  • Location: West side of St Mary's churchyard, near entrance
  • Description: Stone cross on chamfered plinth, commemorating both world wars. There are also three individual memorials inside the Church.

Radcliffe on Trent

  • Location: St Mary's churchyard, on the east side of the Church
  • Description: Stone cross featuring the figure of St George, commemorating both world wars
  • Also Rockley Memorial Park, Park Road; to the memory of the men of the village who fell in the Great War and Lt William Lisle Rockley M.C. killed at the third battle of Ypres, October 1917
  • Also Wellspring Christian Centre, Westminster Drive, Upper Saxondale; carved stone panel in the former chapel of the County Lunatic Asylum, commemorating  employees who died in both world wars.

Ratcliffe on Soar

  • Location: Holy Trinity Church
  • Description: Commemorating World War I.


  • Location: All Saints Church
  • Description: Wall plaque, commemorating both world wars.


  • Location: Church St, on the east side of the graveyard, adjacent to number 14
  • Description: Portland stone pillar with gilt sword and cross, commemorating both world wars. Korea dedicated in 1923.


  • Location: St John of Beverley Parish Church, on the south wall
  • Description: Four plaques. Two individual plaques and one containing two names, all commemorating World War I. One plaque with four names, commemorating World War II.


  • Location: St Wilfrid's Church
  • Description: Brass plaque to aircrew killed in a collision over the village during World War II. Also, stone memorial on Flintham Lane.

Shelford and Newton

  • Location: On Main Road, facing West Street
  • Description: Stone pillar with cross on stepped plinth, set within an enclosure surrounded by iron railings, commemorating both world wars.


  • Location: St Mary’s church
  • Description: Cross in churchyard to Cpl Johnson, killed in WW1 Plaque in church to Capt Maltby, killed in WW2.

Stanford on Soar

  • Location: St John The Baptist Church
  • Description: Memorial lectern giving thanks for peace in 1918. No names.

Stanton on the Wolds

  • Location: Memorial area adjoining All Saints churchyard
  • Description: Stone cross with inscription on chamfered plinth, commemorating World War I.

Sutton Bonington

  • Location: In St Anne’s & St Michael’s churches
  • Description: Marble plaque in St Anne’s, Brass plaque in St Michael’s, both with names, commemorating WW1. Also plaques at University of Nottingham, College Road.


  • Location: In St Helena’s Church
  • Description: Marble tablet commemorating WW1.


  • Location: Outside All Saint's Church, to the right of the door, on the north side
  • Description: Reclining figure in the niche, commemorating both world wars.


  • Location: Holy Trinity Church
  • Description: Brass plaque on the north wall, commemorating World War I. Roll of Honour on the rear wall, commemorating World War II. Wooden plaque to Flight Lieutenant Graham above the door.


  • Location: On Tollerton Lane, opposite the church
  • Description: Stone column on plinth, commemorating both world wars.

Upper Broughton

  • Location: St Luke's Churchyard, at the entrance from Rectory Lane
  • Description: Stone pillar, commemorating World War I. There is also a memorial to Archibald Prior, rector, who was killed in France during August 1944 whilst serving as an army chaplain.

West Bridgford

  • Location: Musters Road and Bridgford Road junction
  • Description: Memorial pillar in the walled garden, commemorating both world wars
  • Location: St Giles's Church
  • Description: The east widow commemorates World War I. St George's Chapel window commemorates World War II. There is also a stone tablet containing names, and a book of remembrance.

West Leake

  • Location: St Helena's Church
  • Description: Memorial lych gate, commemorating World War I. There are also plaques to both wars inside the Church.

Whatton in the Vale

  • Location: St John of Beverley's Church
  • Description: Marble plaque on the south wall, commemorating World War I. Bookcase with brass plaque, commemorating World War II. The World War I plaque records one accidentally killed after peace declared.


  • Location: St Peter's Church
  • Description: Roll of honour on the south wall, commemorating both world wars. There is also an individual plaque above the vestry door.

Willoughby on the Wolds

  • Location: St Mary and All Saints Church
  • Description: Plaque accompanying the memorial clock, commemorating World War I. Stone plaques with names and a roll of honour. Brass plaque on the floor dedicated to Colonel Stanhope, killed at the Battle of Willoughby Field, July 1648.


  • Location: Holy Trinity Church
  • Description: The Church clock commemorates the safe return of twelve who served in World War I. No residents died in World War I, although Private William Orridge of Old Dalby, killed in 1917, was born in Wysall.