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Massage and Special Treatments

Massage and special treatments (including saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs) are regulated under the Nottinghamshire County Council Act 1985 and require a licence for premises and practitioners. If your premises also operate sun beds you must also complete the sun bed licence but no extra fee is payable.

Any person who offers any massage or special treatments at any premises will be required to obtain a licence from the local authority. The treatments that require a licence are:

  • Massage full body or single part including stone massage
  • Special treatments
  • Pulsed light treatments
  • Aromatherapy
  • Steam oils
  • Laser treatments (other than Class 3B and 4)
  • Hand applied tan.

The cost of the registration is shown in the fees and charges page. For those people providing ultra violet light (sun beds) treatments please see separate application process, however if you are applying for a massage licence and sun bed for the same property only one fee is payable.

Am I eligible? 

The applicant must be over the age of 21 and provide full details of themselves and their business together with any other person involved in business including the owners of the premises, and all persons providing hands on treatment. Certificates of competence for all treatments for all of those providing the treatments will be required by the Council.

Regulation summary 

For more information please read the massage and special treatment registration page.

How will my application be evaluated?

When The Council received the application checks will be made with the Police as to the suitability of all persons connected to the application. The Council also will organize a visit to inspect the premises.

Apply online 

What happens next?

Once your application form has been received the authority we will process it and issue the licence, subject to inspection by council officers.

What if my application is refused?

Contact the local authority in the first instance. An appeal against the refusal can be made to the local Magistrates Court.

Consumer complaints 

We would always advise that in the event of a complaint the first point of contact should be made with the service provider (The Council). If this has not worked and you are located in the UK then contact Consumer Direct. If you are outside the UK contact the UK European Consumer Centre.


These are available at Licensing Search page

Non-surgical laser treatments

Following a government announcement in September 2010, lasers used for non-surgical treatments, such as hair removal, will no longer have to be registered and will not be regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). However, under the new legislation, the strength of the laser will not be governed; the focus will be on the activity carried out using that laser. The use of lasers for surgical treatments and the treatment of a disease, disorder or injury carried out by a healthcare professional (for example a doctor, dentist or nurse) will still be regulated by the CQC.

Any treatment not classed as a surgical procedure, or as the treatment of a disease, disorder or injury, which is not carried out by a healthcare professional, for example thread vein removal and skin resurfacing (which carry a significant risk of scarring and post treatment infection) will no longer be regulated by the CQC but by Rushcliffe Borough Council under the Nottinghamshire County Council Act 1985 (part VI).

Apply online for a licence or the forms are available to download here:

1.    RBC laser application - premises
2.    RBC laser practitioners registration form
3.    Laser Guidance notes
4.    Licence conditions - laser establishments

The current fees are located on the fees and charges page.

*Please note these fees are in addition to any fees due for other treatments at the premises such as massage.



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