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Electoral Registration Form Guidance Notes

Completing the ‘register to vote’ form (Guidance Notes)

Do not complete this form if:

  • you are a member of HM Armed Forces
  • a Crown Servant living abroad
  • an overseas elector (British citizen living abroad)
  • person of no fixed address
  • patient in a mental hospital
  • prisoners on remand

Instead please call us 0115 981 9911 to request a different form.


Citizens of European Union countries resident in the Borough are entitled to register and vote at local elections (Borough, County and Parish) and also European Parliamentary elections. For local elections fill in the normal electoral registration form. To vote in European elections fill in the European Parliament Registration form.

Edited Register Opt-Out

There are two versions of the register – the full version and the edited version.
The full version contains the names and addresses of all persons resident in Rushcliffe to vote at local and/or national elections. Anyone can look at this register under supervision but it can only be passed on for certain purposes. These are electoral purposes, law enforcement and by credit reference agencies.

Use by credit reference agencies is only to check your name and address if you are applying for credit and to help stop money laundering. You do not have a choice about your name and address being included in the full version of the register.

The edited register is available for general sale and can be used for any purpose. You can choose not to be on the Edited Register by ticking the opt-out box on the registration form.

Previous Address

If you provide this we will notify your previous local authority to remove your name from their electoral register.

Request information on voting by post / proxy

Ticking this box one the form will notify the electoral service steam to send you a postal or proxy voting application form.

How long will it take to be registered?

Anyone registering during the ‘Annual Canvass’ period between 12 August to 30 November will be added to the new register which is published on 1 December following.

If your form is completed correctly and no one objects to your name appearing on the register, you will be added to the register at the next monthly update and you will be sent a confirmation of your registration.

There are mid-month deadlines laid down by law for the receipt of such an application and these are listed here. For most applicants, these mean that you will be added to the register within six weeks of our receiving your form.

You will be notified in writing when your application has been allowed. We will also tell the Electoral Registration Officer for your previous address that you have moved so that they can remove you from their register. People who live at two homes (including students) may register at both addresses but may only vote once at the same election. If you wish to remain on the register
for your old address then please explain why on your registration form.

There are special rules about electors being added to the register during an election period. Because of these, you may not be able to vote at that election if you are added to the register during this time.

How can I check that I am on the register of electors?

The published register is available for inspection under supervision at the Civic Centre and at West Bridgford, Bingham and Keyworth libraries. Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Services Centre on 0115 981 9911 who will check the register for you.



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