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Register to Vote

Individual Electoral Registration

On 10 June 2014, the way in which you register to vote changed. The Government introduced Individual Electoral Registration (IER) across the country. Previously, registration was done by the householder, who was responsible for completing the registration on behalf of all residents eligible to vote in the household. Under IER, everyone in the household who is eligible to vote is responsible for registering themselves.

The new process is quicker, more convenient and makes the electoral register more secure.

Further information is available on the Government electoral registration website

Why register?

If you are not on the register, you can’t vote and won’t have a say in how the country is run. Don’t lose your right to vote.

Being on the register is proof of your identity and is often used by credit reference agencies and mortgage companies. These companies check the register when people apply for credit, in order to counteract fraud.

Not only will you not be able to have a say at future elections, but if you don’t respond to requests for information from us, you could be at risk of getting fined £80.

How do I register?

Applying to register is easy. You can apply online on the Government's register to vote website.

Enter your name, address, date of birth, and your National Insurance number and a few other details (you can find your NI number on payslips, NI card etc).

You can ask us for a form by phone, email or in person if you prefer.

If you’re not sure whether you are registered under the new system contact the Borough Council on 0115 981 9911.

Overseas Voters

Any British citizen living abroad can now apply to register as an Overseas Voter, providing they have previously lived in or been registered to vote in the UK. British citizens living abroad can apply to register to vote as an Overseas Voter by submitting an application on the Government website.

If you would prefer to complete a paper application form, then one can be downloaded from the Government website.

Please note, Overseas Voters are currently unable to renew their existing registration online. A renewal form will be sent to you approximately three months before your existing registration is due to expire.



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