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Radcliffe on Trent Parish Council leaflet

Radcliffe on Trent Parish Council

The Grange

Vicarage Lane

Radcliffe on Trent

NG12 2FB

Tel: 0115 933 5808



Statement of Activities 2024/25


Parish Councils are required to provide Council Taxpayers with details of their budgets and any relevant background information that will assist in understanding the budget.

The council experienced a huge drop in its tax base for 2023/24 following the creation of a separate Upper Saxondale Parish Council. Whilst there has been a slight increase in the tax base from last year, the 2024-25 tax base of 3112.7 is still significantly below the 2022/23 levels.


The precept amount is based on the considerations of the budgeting process. The council’s budgetary needs and wants were carefully considered against a backdrop of continued financial hardship for many residents.

Local councils have been subjected to price rises in many of the goods and services they purchase. Although gas and electricity prices have eased somewhat, they are still at a higher level than two years ago.

At the same time income from the Grange and Grange Hall still has not returned to pre-pandemic levels.

At its January meeting the council approved a budget that results in a precept of £331,581 with some budgeted expenditure financed from reserves accumulated over time for this purpose or from free reserves.

The proposed precept request will result in an annual increase of £5.06 per annum for the average Band D household. This is equivalent to an increase of less than ten Pence per week.

The Council has Free Reserves (available for use), Designated Reserves (established for various projects but not fixed) and Restricted Reserves (can only be used for the purpose for which it was created).

What we are spending taxpayer’s money on?

None of the councillors receive a remuneration for their time and effort serving the council.

The Council employs 4 part-time office staff, 2 part-time Grounds Staff, 3 part-time Caretakers for Grange Hall, The Grange and the Public Toilets and a part-time Hall Duty Officers for events. It also employs some temporary staff as and when required.

The Grange and Grange Hall attract a wide range of bookings which have yet to return to pre-pandemic levels. Events include Civil Weddings, Wedding Receptions, Funeral Receptions and Birthday Parties; Concerts, Dances and Drama, Fitness Classes, Exhibitions and Training Seminars and a wide range of Educational Classes. Both venues offer public Wi-Fi and media facilities.

The Council owns, manages and maintains the following facilities in the parish:

Community Buildings

Grange Hall and frontage

The Grange



Vicarage Lane Cemetery


Other Buildings

Rockley Park Bungalow

Rockley Park Pavilion

Rockley Park mess room and park toilets, greenhouses and store

Greenhouses and store

The village public toilets

The Pavilion and store at Wharf Lane



Cliff Walk

The Lily Ponds

The triangle of land, Bingham Road


Recreation Areas and Play Areas

Wharf Lane Sports Ground

Valley Road play area

The skatepark

Rockley Memorial Park


The Council has responsibility for the maintenance of the following amenities:

The Grange grounds and play area

St Mary's Churchyard

Dewberry Hill

Bingham Road play area


Enquiries about the content of this document or comments about finances of the Parish should be directed to Karen Green, Clerk to the Council at