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Bingham Town Council leaflet

Bingham Town Council

Statement of Activity for 2024/2025

Bingham Town Council has set its expenditure for the year at £429,457 along with a projected income of £25,928. The Town Council will also draw upon its reserves to fund its other activities and projects, as well as seeking grants from other organisations.

To arrive at a balanced budget, the precept demand to Rushcliffe Borough Council has been set at £403,529, this equates to an increase of £4.72 to £99.81 (5%) for a Band D property.

The overall Council Tax charge will also include the budgets of Nottinghamshire County Council, the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner, the Fire & Rescue Authority and Rushcliffe Borough Council, which have also changed from last year and will be confirmed on the annual Council Tax bill.

Why the money is needed:

The Town Council either owns or has a maintenance responsibility for the following amenities:

  • Sports Fields at Wynhill and Butt Field
  • Town Pavilion and Butt Field Sports Pavilion
  • Five play areas
  • Allotments at Hill Drive
  • Town Centre CCTV
  • St. Mary’s Churchyard and the Town Cemetery
  • Linear Park Nature Reserve
  • An extensive arboreal portfolio
  • The Old Court House
  • Warners Paddock

The Town Council also provides support to local community organisations and promotes Bingham’s sense of place through:

  • Its Grant Aid scheme
  • Organising and funding the summer and winter floral display in the Town Centre
  • Organising and/or funding Annual events like the Summer Fair and Christmas Market
  • Organising the Christmas lighting display
  • Supporting a programme of events delivered by Bingham Community Events
  • Producing a Town Guide to promote Bingham and provide a directory of services and groups
  • Taking care of the many green spaces and assets owned within the Town

In addition to its day-to-day activities, the Town Council is continuing their work to progress a range of internal and external projects such as:

  • Progressing long-term parking provision at the Old Allotment site
  • Supporting the installation of a new 7 camera Town Centre CCTV system
  • Investing in improvements and refurbishment of the Old Court House
  • Redevelopment of the Wynhill site to support improved and increased community facilities
  • The potential expansion of land to meet the increased sports demand at Butt Field
  • Reviewing Bingham Cemetery and managing the safety of the memorials
  • Securing land for a community project on Chapel Lane
  • Improving maintenance and security of the Linear Park and open spaces
  • The refurbishment of the Cogley Lane play area
  • Upgrading and replacement of the Councils Grounds Maintenance Equipment

The Town Council is not in a position to self-fund all of the above projects and the Council look to support additional projects that are unplanned but have benefits to the Town’s residents. It continues to look to grant funding and will seek community support through community engagement activities to apply to the Public Loans Work Board (PWLB) for a loan or a series of loans if required.

The Town Council currently employ: a full-time Town Clerk, a part-time Deputy Clerk, two part time administrative staff, two full-time members of grounds staff, and a part-time cleaner.

Town Council Budget 2024/25

This is how the Town Council will allocate funds raised through the Council Tax. The budget for the previous two years is shown for comparative purposes.

Bingham financial information 2024-25

Budget Headings




Allotments 1,660 2,110 1,910
Cemetery 14,190 13,787 13,900
Environment 3,300 3,300 7,100
Finance 29,300 33,125 31,250
Old Court House 25,750 34,278 29,190
Professional Fees 7,500 4,500 4,500
Community and Events 26,250 30,750 35,895
Recreation 16,030 16,060 18,112
Recreation Equipment 18,325 18,925 19,800
Reserves 32,840 17,000 50,000
Salaries and On Costs 190,005 215,700 217,800
Totals 365,150 389,535 429,457
Less income 23,426 23,511 25,928
Precept Demand 341,724
366,024 403,529
Tax Base 3767.6 3849.1 4042.8
Band D property £90.70 £95.09 £99.81

The Town Council’s income sources have always been modest, and these are expected to be limited to:

  • Burial and memorial fees
  • Tenant and room rental at the Old Court House
  • Rent from sports clubs for lease of pitches and pavilions
  • Allotment rents
  • Wayleaves
  • Interest on reserves