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Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Budget 2023/24

In the past year, our work has, again, continued despite the pandemic. We have increased the amount of fire prevention work we do and invested in essential equipment and staff training.

In 2021, our dedicated staff:

  • attended 9,785 incidents
  • carried out 11,281 Safe and Well visits to people most at risk
  • visited 1,031 businesses to provide advice or enforce fire safety regulations
  • conducted 1,011 statutory consultations
  • carried out 134 joint inspections of high-rise buildings as part of a national programme.

in addition, we have carried out humanitarian work to support the NHS, East Midlands Ambulance Service and our communities. So far,
during the pandemic, we have:

  • set up 22 COVID testing centres
  • delivered over 12,600 food or medication parcels to vulnerable people
  • covered around 500 urgent care shifts for East Midlands Ambulance Service
  • administered over 75,000 vaccinations.

This year, we are moving into new joint headquarters with Nottinghamshire Police. We have invested in a new building, enhancing our
ability to work together and make more effective use of our resources.

Our Community Risk Management Plan 2022-25 sets out how we will ‘Create Safer Communities’ and improve our effectiveness through increased community engagement. We will review the way we work to make sure we operate sustainably and create an organisation fit for the future. We will continue to deliver a service that responds to emergencies, helps prevent fires and other incidents and ensures our firefighters are there when people need them most.

In 2022/23, we are making further savings of £1.6million but, to carry on our work in the current demanding environment, we need £46m. Nottinghamshire and City of Nottingham Fire and Rescue Authority has, therefore, approved a Council Tax increase of 1.95%.

Where the money comes from

  • Council Tax - £27.7m
  • Government grant - £7.3m
  • Business Rates - £8.5m
  • Pension grant - £2.3m
  • General Reserves - £0.2m

What this means for you

The part of your Council Tax bill that goes to Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue, the increase is in brackets.

  • Band A - £56.38 [£1.08]
  • Band B - £65.78 [£1.26]
  • Band C - £75.17 [£1.44]
  • Band D - £84.57 [£1.62]
  • Band E - £103.36 [£1.98]
  • Band F - £122.16 [£2.34]
  • Band G - £140.95 [£2.70]
  • Band H - £169.14 [33.24]