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Notts County Council Budget

Nottinghamshire County Council Budget 2023/24

Setting this year's budget has been done in a very challenging environment. This has included global pressures driving up inflation and energy costs, increased costs and demands on our services with many requiring complex and specialist health care needs, and a national shortage of social care staff. Despite this we have risen to the challenge and set a fair and aspirational budget for the year ahead.

Delivering a good value budget for all

In our recent budget survey, residents told us about their priorities for council services, these included safeguarding and protecting vulnerable adults and children, keeping frontline community services like libraries, children's centre and youth centre's open, and continued investment in our road network and transport infrastructure. Whilst many other councils are cutting many of these services, we have set a budget that protects and enhances them, whilst providing long term security around the public services that people rely on.

To achieve this has meant making a 2.84% increase in Council Tax and a 2% increase in the Adult Social Care Precept. This again reflects what residents told us, with 65% of respondents to the budget survey saying they would rather see an increase in Council Tax than a reduction in services. But we've kept the increases as low as possible and for a second year in a row, increases are below the maximum allowed by Government. 

The cost of providing local public services in 2023

This year a 2.84% increase in Council Tax plus a 2% increase in the Adult Social Care Precept is equivalent to a weekly increase of £1.08 for most county households. This provides an extra £27m to support local public services.

Your Council Tax - Making your money go further

The council is raising £397.5m in 2023/24 from Council Tax. The Government is providing £136.1m in local government grants.

Your Council Tax payment 2023/24

  • Band A - £995.81
  • Band B - £1,161.77
  • Band C - £1,327.74
  • Band D - £1,493.71
  • Band E - £1,825.65
  • Band F - £2,157.58
  • Band G - £2,489.42
  • Band H - £2,987.42

The actual amount you pay will depend on your individual circumstances (whether you receive single person discount, student or disability exemptions etc) and additional amounts for your District Council, Fire and Police.

Where the Council's budget comes from

  • Local government grant - £136.1m (10%)
  • Other government grants - £146.1m (11%)
  • Charges for our services - £126.8m (10%)
  • Dedicated schools grant & other school grants - £395.6m (30%)
  • Public health grant - £45.2m (3%)
  • Use of reserves - £3.9m (0%)
  • Council Tax - £397.5m (30%)
  • Adult social care precept - £58.1m (4%)

In addition to the increase in Council Tax, the Council Council has also approved and additional Government precept solely for adult care of 2%. The impact of this is:

Adult social care precept 2023/24

  • Band A - £153.30
  • Band B - £178.85
  • Band C - £204.40
  • Band D - £229.95
  • Band E - £281.05
  • Band F - £332.15
  • Band G - £383.25
  • Band H - £459.90

How the Council's budget is spent

  • Running the Council - £14.8m (1%)
  • Adult social care and public health - £461.3m (35%)
  • Children and young people - £224.8m (17%)
  • Schools - £395.6m (30%)
  • Community and Place - £212.8m (16%)

Building a better Nottinghamshire

We investing £156m across the county during 2023/24 in major projects to make Nottinghamshire a place people are proud to call home.

Work will continuing on the new school builds in Bingham and East Leake whilst work will get underway on a major school expansion project in Rushcliffe.

Further capital investment of £20m will be spent on ensuring there was sufficient school places across the county, taking total investment to £86m since April 2018.

A further £11m will be invested to support the provision of new school places for children with Special Educational Needs and disabilities.

A further £10m will be invested to improve the condition of schools across Nottinghamshire by installing boilers, improving lighting and carrying our roof repairs.

We will spend £36m on highways across the county including road repairs, road safety, traffic congestion and cycling provision and a further £7m on improvements to bus services. 

How we spend the money

How we spend the money 2023-24

Budget Headings



Services for Children and Young People
Schools  353.2  395.6
Help, Protection, Care  81.0 62.0
Education Standards & Inclusion  14.5 20.7
Other Children & Young People Services  12.5 16.8
Commissioning & Resources  96.1 125.3
Subtotal  557.3 620.4
Services for Adult Social Care and Public Health
Corporate Director & Departmental Costs 2.7  2.0
Strategic Commissioning & Integration  (27.2) (13.8)
Living Well & Direct Services  194.0 215.0
Ageing Well & Maximising Independence  185.8 207.4
Public Health  43.6 50.7
Subtotal   398.9 461.3
Community and Place Services 
Highways  52.8  57.4
Transport  39.6 42.5
Waste Management / Energy  41.1 44.7
Libraries  11.3 12.2
Other Community & Place Services  54.4 56.0
Subtotal   199.2 212.8
Running the Council 17.4  14.8
Subtotal    17.4  14.8
Gross Expenditure 1,172.8 1,309.3
Where all the money comes from 
Other Government grants  (113.3)  (146.1)
Charges for our services  (100.6) (126.8)
Dedicated Schools Grant & other school grants  (353.2) (395.6)
Public Health Grant  (42.4) (45.2)
Use of reserves  (3.8) (3.9)
Budget Requirement  559.5  591.7
Council Tax  382.0  397.5
Adult Social Care Precept  49.4 58.1
Business Rates & Revenue Support Grant  128.1 136.1
Total funding of Budget Requirement   559.5 591.7