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Keyworth Parish Council leaflet

Keyworth Parish Council

Village Hall, Elm Avenue, Keyworth, Nottingham, NG12 5AN
Telephone: 0115 9372185


Statement of Proposed Financial Activities 2023/24

A Parish Council is required to provide council taxpayers with details of its spending plans for the coming financial year when its precept requirement reaches a certain level.

How the money will be spent

Keyworth Parish Council provides, manages and maintains or subsidises a number of facilities and services in the village, including:

  • Village Hall Complex (Village Hall, Centenary Lounge, Feignies Room)
  • Parish Council Office
  • Rectory Field/Activity Park including Peace Garden
  • Elm Avenue Sports Facilities (in conjunction with relevant clubs)
  • Platt Lane Sports Facilities (managed by Platt Lane Joint Management Committee)
  • Church Clock
  • Play Area (Nottingham Road)
  • Skatepark (Platt Lane)
  • Wysall Lane Burial Ground
  • Keyworth Meadow Nature Reserve
  • Parish Council Website
  • Keyworth Diary
  • Keyworth Guide Online
  • Festive Lights/Decorations
  • Floral Displays/Hanging Baskets

In order to manage these undertakings, the Council employs six part-time staff including Clerk to the Council, Responsible Finance Officer, Clerical Officer, Facilities Manager, Handyman and Cleaner. The Council makes grants and donations to several local organisations, provides seats, litter and waste bins, and helps finance distribution of the Keyworth Diary.

In addition to its normal activities and routine expenditure, the Council also needs to raise finance for the long-term development and enhancement of the above-mentioned facilities.

Where the money comes from:

  • Fees for hire of premises
  • Burial, memorial fees
  • Grants and donations
  • Bank interest
  • Precept on council tax set by Parish Council

For further details of the Parish Council’s plans and activities, please refer to its website, Facebook page and Twitter account and look out for items in the Keyworth News. Members of the public are also welcome to attend Council meetings: dates and times can be found on the website, or details can be obtained from the Council office (9.30am to 1.00pm on weekdays, except Tuesdays). The Chair’s report, published annually in April, also details the previous year’s expenditure.

Summary of Income and Expenditure

Keyworth financial information 2022-23

Summary of Income/Expenditure

Budget 2022/23

Budget 2021/22

Payroll Costs 104,256 104,333
Other Overheads 50,045 52,922
Sports & Play Facilities 33,680 36,430
Wysall Lane Burial Ground 14,500 16,320
Amenities 12,260 11,732
Publicity/Events 4,450 6,380
Grants/Donations 3,150 3,750
Loan Repayments 4,843 4,843
Sundries 3,470 1,510
Total Revenue Expenditure 230,655 238,221
Hire Charges 45,600 66,667
Burial Ground Fees 6,500 6,378
Other Income 70 166
Total Revenue Income 52,170 73,211
Total Net Revenue Expenditure 178,485 165,010
Capital/Additional Expenditure/Provisions 23,225 32,550
Parish Council Precept (Budget Requirement) (A) 201,710 209,395
Council Tax Base (calculated by Borough Council) (B) 2,791 2,897
Parish Council Tax for Band D Property (A ÷ B) 72.27* 72.27


*Parish Council element of the council tax for the year, appearing as separate amount on council tax bills – approximately £1.39 per week; see below for further details.

Capital/Additional Expenditure/Provisions

The Parish Council already has funds earmarked (see below) to pay for much of its planned additional/capital expenditure; however, some expenditure of this nature is also provided for in the 2023/24 budget.

Parish Council Tax

As shown by the figures above, the Parish Council has increased its precept by £7,685.10 or 3.81%, whilst the Parish Council portion of the council tax in 2023/24 will remain the same due to an increase in the tax base.


The Parish Council is obliged to maintain funds in reserve for emergency and contingency purposes. The Council’s reserves as at 30 November 2022 totalled £324,415 which included earmarked reserves (amounts set aside to fund specific commitments or long-term development plans, for example, maintenance of the Nottingham Road Play area, Skatepark and Burial Ground) of £120,912

The Council monitors the level of its reserves on an ongoing basis and will watch this carefully during this period of economic uncertainty and increasing costs.