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What Our Priorities Are and How We Are Doing

Strategy and performance information, plans, assessments, inspections and reviews.

The Statement of Accounts (and formerly Annual Reports) are available in the Statement of Accounts section.

The Council reports statistical information within Committee reports.

The Corporate Strategy 2019/23 is the Council's current Strategy which sets out the major corporate tasks that it will undertake to progress long term goals.

The Council reports the progress of its Corporate Strategy in Performance Monitoring Reports to Corporate Overview Group and pre-May 2019 to Performance Management Board.

Economic Development Plan - economic development is focussed on Growth Board areas in the borough, information is regularly updated.

The Council publishes a forward plan detailing the key decisions made or due to be made by Cabinet.

Equality Impact Assessments are made to ensure that the Council does not discriminate when delivering services.

The Council's Asset Management Strategy set out clear principles by which we manage our land and buildings.