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Information the Council Must Make Public

Section 19 of the Freedom of Information Act 2003 requires every public authority to adopt and maintain a Publication Scheme, which is essentially a list of key documents about the Council and how it conducts its business. This had to be approved by the Information Commissioner who has issued a Model Publication Scheme to be adopted by all public authorities with effect from 1 January 2009.

The purpose of the Model Publication Scheme is to make the maximum amount of information readily available at minimum inconvenience and cost to the public.

Additionally, the Code of Recommended Practice for Local Authorities in Data Transparency sets out key principles for local authorities in creating greater transparency through the publication of public data. It is hoped that the publication of this data will help the public to hold politicians and public bodies to account.

The list below contains information required by both.  If there is information which you believe should be published, then please let us know by emailing

Information held by the Council, which has not been published under this Scheme, can be requested in writing under the Freedom of Information Act.

Is there a charge for this information?

In most cases, no. All information available through our website is free of charge and openly accessible. Where it is not possible to offer a document electronically, charges may be made for photocopying, postage and packaging or costs incurred as a direct result of requesting the information. If there is a charge, it will be clearly indicated.

The Freedom of Information Act still exists and it is still possible to request information not routinely published under the Publication Scheme.

Where can I get further information?

Further information about the Publication Scheme is available from the Information Commissioner.