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Bin Collections

Guidance about what can go in your bins and information about the collection service.


Days of collection

Battery recycling

Large unwanted item collection

Additional bins

Help for elderly and infirm residents

Missed collections

Lost or stolen bins

Householder's duty of care - your responsibilities

Frequently Asked Questions


Blue bin

Your blue bin is for paper, card, mixed food & drinks cans, yoghurt pots, margarine tubs and plastic bottles only.

We will also take flat packed cardboard next to the bin if it is too large to place into the bin.

For more detail, explore the different household items that can be placed into your blue bin below:  


Plastic - shower gels/shampoo & conditioner bottles

Plastic - hand soaps & cosmetic bottles

Plastic - household cleaning fluid bottles

Cans - empty aerosols & deodorants

Cardboard - toiletry boxes, toilet roll tubes, tooth paste boxes, hand soap boxes & cosmetic boxes


Plastic - milk bottles and milk bottle tops

Plastic - pop, water and soft drinks bottles

Plastic - fabric & conditioner bottles

Plastic - household cleaning bottles

Plastic - yoghurt pots & margarine tubs

Cardboard - cereal boxes & egg boxes

Cardboard - other cardboard packaging

Cans - food and drink cans

Lounge or bedroom

Paper - newspapers, magazines and pamphlets

Paper - junk mail, envelopes & writing paper

Cans - empty aerosols

Cans - drinks cans

Remember to take your glass bottles, jars, textiles, shoes and Tetra Pak cartons to one of our bring banks. The remainder can be placed either in the grey bin if it is rubbish, or green bin if its garden waste. To locate your nearest Bring Site.


Green bin - garden waste

Your green bin is for green, organic garden waste.

What can go into a green garden waste bin - and what cannot
First column - what can go in Second column - items that cannot go in
Yes please
No thanks
  • Grass cuttings
  • Hedge clippings
  • Twigs and small branches
  • Weeds with soil shaken off
  • Flowers and plants
  • Leaves and bark
  • Plastic of any description
  • Large quantities of soil
  • Bricks, rubble etc
  • Any household waste
  • Animal waste
  • Any food waste


Find out how to join the Garden Waste Scheme, or visit our page for more information. 

Grey bin - household items that cannot be recycled

Your grey bin is for household waste that cannot be recycled or composted in your blue or green bin or at bring sites.

Please wrap food waste in paper and/or plastic bags before placing in the bin and keep the lid shut. Make sure bags are free of air as this takes up space in the bin.

Please think carefully about what you are throwing away- can it be reused or recycled?

Find out more about grey bin collections on our Frequently Asked Questions page. 

Day of collection

Find your day of collection and colour of bin being collected with our online refuse collection calendar.

  • On your collection day, place your bin at the edge of your property at the nearest point to the footpath or highway, closest to where the collection vehicle passes by 7am. It will be returned to this position.
  • Remove your bin from it's collection point by the end of the day or directly after it has been collected.
  • Collection date calendars are delivered to every household once a year (if you need a new calendar, contact us).
  • Bins will only be emptied on the days shown on your collection calendars.
  • We will only empty bins that have closed lids and no extra waste will be taken.

Battery recycling

We collect your used batteries. Put your used household batteries in any bag, place on any colour bin, any week and we will recycle them. Find out what batteries we collect.

Large unwanted item collections

For a small charge we can collect your large household items.

Additional bins

If there are five or more people in a household or where two or more children are in nappies, you may be entitled to an extra grey bin. We will need to check to your waste to find out what your need is.

Help for elderly, infirm or disabled people

We understand that not everyone is able to manage a wheeled bin, so we offer an assisted collection service. If you are struggling with your bin, contact us online and a waste advisor will decide whether we can help you out. Please note that if you live with an able-bodied person then you will not be offered an assisted collection.

Missed collections

If your bin has been missed, complete our missed collection form. However, if you have forgotten to put your bin out, you will need to wait until the next collection day, or take your refuse to your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Lost or stolen bins

If your bin goes missing, complete our missing bin form. We’ll investigate what happened, and hopefully be able to find it. If your bin is damaged, it will generally be replaced free of charge. If the damage is as a result of misuse, you have to pay for a replacement.

Householders’ duty of care - what are you responsible for?

Householders are legally responsible for making sure their waste is disposed of by an authorised waste carrier. If you use a waste carrier who doesn't have the correct licence and your waste is dumped illegally (fly tipping), you are responsible and will be liable to prosecution and could be fined up to £5,000.

So, always remember to check the licence of a waste carrier you employ and note their licence numbers. People that would need a waste carriers licence are odd jobbers, gardeners, builders and others offering a waste collection services.

Rushcliffe Borough Council is exempt from holding a waste carriers licence because we are a Waste Collection Authority and hold a Waste Management Licence (WML No:43426).