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Media Centre

Press Contacts

The Borough Council aims to deliver an effective public relations service by working closely with the local, national and trade media to ensure fair and honest coverage.

Contact details

Communications Team

Telephone: 0115 914 8555 (typically 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday).

Press releases

Every press release issued by Rushcliffe Borough Council is published in the News and Publications section of this website.

Online Photo Gallery

An online gallery of photos of Senior Officers, Councillors, buildings, landmarks and event photos.



Downloadable copies of Rushcliffe Borough Council logos. If you have any problems downloading any of these logos/images, contact the communications team to request it to be sent via email.

Rushcliffe Borough Council Colour logo

Rushcliffe Borough Council Black and White logo

Rushcliffe Borough Council Crest 


Filming and photography in Rushcliffe

All media requests to film or photograph within, or in the vicinity of, Rushcliffe Borough Council owned or managed property or services, including sport and leisure facilities, community halls, parks etc should be emailed to or call 0115 914 8555. No filming or photography should take place without the permission of Rushcliffe Borough Council.

Rushcliffe is a ‘film-friendly’ borough. We welcome enquiries from the media and photographers and help this process wherever possible. While you may not need permission to film in public places not owned by the Council, as we get many calls from people asking us who is filming, we would like you as a courtesy, to let us know which organisation you represent, what you are filming and what it will be used for and when.

Whilst recognising the important role that filming plays in the UK economy both at a national and local level, the Council wants to balance the benefits of filming in the borough with the need to minimise any potential disruption to residents and local business.

In tough economic times, we all have to make our money go further. Advertise with us or sponsor one of our high profile events – and you’ll get great value and make your budget go further.

If you want to boost your business or your profile, you know where to come. Read all about the opportunities in our sponsorship and advertising strategy document below. And find out more about the opportunities available in our flagship Rushcliffe Reports publication which goes to 48,000 residents three times a year. We’ve got a 97% readership and a similarly high level of satisfaction with the content.  We talk in plain English and we’ll get back to you quickly to talk about the ways we can work together.

Event Sponsorship Package 2019

Sponsorship and advertising strategy

Rushcliffe Reports advert sizes