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West Bridgford Commissioners


The West Bridgford Way

West Bridgford is unique and the West Bridgford way logo with its meandering River Trent and geo-location celebrates this sense of place.

The aim of the West Bridgford Way brand is to create a shared understanding expression of place to enable a full range of consistent and coherent communications activates to support West Bridgford place marketing objectives.

The West Bridgford Way suite of marketing material is available to all West Bridgford based businesses to use for marketing purposes.

West Bridgford Way map pdf

West Bridgford Way poster - pdf

West Bridgford Way - postcard

West Bridgford Way - shop window sticker


Commissioners Report & Executive Summary

West Bridgford Commissioners Report

West Bridgford Commissioners Report Executive Summary

There is an opportunity for you to feedback what you think of the ideas and recommendations contained within the report by emailing

Who are the West Bridgford Commissioners?‌‌

Three independent commissioners have been appointed to help steer the course of the local economy in West Bridgford, which has a reputation for a high quality, thriving and diverse retail and business sector.

The responsibilities of these independent commissioners will involve seeking the views of local residents, businesses and community groups with the aim of creating a focused, transparent and informed report to help steer the work and vision of the growth board.

The three commissioners are former Nottinghamshire County Council chief executive Mick Burrows, Tim Richmond OBE, an experienced entrepreneur and local businessman and Nottingham Business School Professor Kim Cassidy in supporting the West Bridgford Growth Board (WBGB).


Fantastic response to Commissioners’ consultation

More than 400 people took the opportunity to have their say on the future economic direction of West Bridgford when they completed the West Bridgford Commissioners Survey online and in selected business premises in March 2017.  A big thank you to you if you were one of the people who took part!

The Commissioners know that residents and town centre visitors really value their town centre and green spaces, so it’s fantastic that so many have chosen to actively play their part in helping them work out a plan for the future.

They’re grateful to everyone who took the time to take part in the consultation and share their views on the future economic focus of the town. The Commissioners will be using the feedback and suggestions when they draw up a series of recommendations that will be presented to the West Bridgford Growth Board later in the year.


What will they be working on?