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Rushcliffe Borough Council’s support for the Strategic Outline Business Case for improving the Poacher Line to serve its communities and enable the wider economic growth of the area as part of the East Midlands refranchise.

The Borough Council's response to the East Midlands rail refranchise consultation is contained in this document.

In Partnership with Mott MacDonald and other Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire authorities and parishes, we have worked to develop the contents of the business case and are pleased with its clear and strong ambitions. The economic and financial analysis contained within the Strategic Outline Business Case provides a strong justification for why enhancing the Poacher Line will improve the economic activity in our towns, city and villages in a sustainable way making best use of existing assets.

The Strategic Outline Business Case also supports our local aspirations for travel choice and we are committed to continuing work with our partners to deliver projects that meet the needs of business and the wider community. Rushcliffe Borough Council looks forward to continue working with partners, to make the area a great place to work, live, visit and invest. To build on our success it is imperative that the Do Something Options contained on page 2 of the Executive summary are included in the East Midlands rail refranchising tender.

Poacher Line Strategic Outline Business Case - Executive Summary

Poacher Line Strategic Outline Business Case - Final Submission