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Abandoned vehicles

A vehicle may be considered abandoned if:

  • It does not have or doesn’t appear to have an owner
  • It has not moved location for a long period of time
  • It does not have valid vehicle tax (although this does not necessarily indicate that a vehicle is abandoned). This can be checked on the vehicle tax check website.
  • It is open and a target for vandalism or in such a state it represents a danger to the public.

Note: If a vehicle is simply badly parked, broken down, or untaxed, it has not necessarily been abandoned.

If you think that a vehicle may have been abandoned, tell us - you can report an abandoned vehicle online or call 0115 981 9911.

If you see a vehicles that has been parked badly and is causing an obstruction, you should file a police report.

Untaxed vehicles should be reported online at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency website, on 0870 240 0010 or by email to


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