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Supplementary planning

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) are able to add further detail to the policies in the Local Plan.

They can be used to provide further guidance for development on specific sites, or on particular issues, such as design. Supplementary planning documents are capable of being a material consideration in planning decisions but are not part of the development plan.

The documents that the Council has prepared are set out here. This includes documents that were, at the time, prepared as Supplementary Planning Guidance.


Melton Road Edwalton Development Framework SPD

The Melton Road Edwalton Development Framework Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) was adopted by Rushcliffe Borough Council on Tuesday 13 October 2015.

The purpose of the SPD is to supplement policies contained in the Council's Local Plan. It specifically provides guidance on the application of Policy 20 (Strategic Allocation at Melton Road, Edwalton) of the Rushcliffe Local Plan Part 1: Core Strategy.

Adopted SPD and supporting documents:

Melton Road Development Framework SPD 

Adoption Statement

Statement of Consultation 

SA/SEA Screening document

Wind Energy SPD

The Wind Energy Supplementary Planning Document was formally adopted by Rushcliffe Borough Council at Cabinet on 9 June 2015.

The SPD has been produced to assist the interpretation and application of those policies within the Rushcliffe Local Plan Part 1: Core Strategy concerned with Renewable Energy, Green Infrastructure, Biodiversity, Design and Enhancing Local Identity and Historic Environment. in respect of wind turbine proposals.

Adopted SPD and supporting documents:

Adopted Wind Energy SPD

Renewable energy map

SA/HRA Screening document

Adoption Statement

Statement of Consultation

‌In addition, the Landscape Sensitivity Study which was jointly commmissioned by Rushcliffe and Melton Councils, and was used as part of the evidence for the SPD,  can be viewed by clicking here.

Residential design guide

Rushcliffe Borough Council has produced a Residential Design Guide SPD which was adopted by the Council on 10 February 2009.

The SPD together with the Sustainability Appraisal, Consultation Statement and Adoption Statement are available to download.

Affordable housing

Please note: Policy 8 of the Local Plan Part 1: Core Strategy supercedes the thresholds included in the previously published supplementary guidance. Policy 8 also fully replaces Policy HOU7 of the Non Statutory Replacement Local Plan. It is the Council's intention to update the Affordable Housing SPD in the future to assist in the implementation of Policy 8 of the Core Strategy.

Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Guidance‎ was published for affordable housing in 2003 and covered the provision of affordable housing on development sites of 25 dwellings and above. Following the production of this guidance, updated assessments of housing needs were published. In light of this, the Council considered that the provision of approximately 30% affordable housing should be sought on suitable sites.

In addition, the Rushcliffe Borough Non-Statutory Replacement Local Plan set the threshold for sites on which an element of affordable housing will be sought at 15 dwellings or 0.5 hectares or more (policy HOU7). The Local Plan Inspector supported this threshold and the Council published its intention to accept the Inspector's recommendations in 2006.

In 2005, the Council commenced work on updating the existing affordable housing guidance. The Draft Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document was published for consultation in 2006.   

Development requirements

Supplementary Planning Guidance was published for developer requirements in 2003. The guidance gives details of the contributions to development required to ensure that the full impact of a development on local amenities, infrastructure and services is know. This would not otherwise form part of a planning proposal.

The Guidance sets out the issues and sites on which contributions to development requirements are likely to be sought and the mechanisms for securing it.

An update to Appendix D relating to commuted sums for open space areas, is also available. 

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