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*In addition to the evidence studies listed below, key housing indicators are also reported in the Local Plan Monitoring Report that is produced annually.*


Housing Site Selection Report (June 2018)

Housing Background Paper June 2018

Strategic Housing Market Assessment

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

Nottingham Core Affordable Housing Viability Assessment

The purpose of the viability is to provide the Borough Council with an understanding of local housing markets in respect of affordable housing delivery. 

Nottinghamshire Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Needs Assessments

A Strategic Approach to Older Persons' Accommodation for Nottinghamshire and Erewash

The Nottinghamshire Housing Market areas (HMAs) commissioned Peter Fletcher Associates (PFA) to carry out a comprehensive survey of the housing needs of older people. This covers the area of Rushcliffe.

Comparison of the Household Projections underlying the Greater Nottingham Core Strategies and the CLG 2014-based Household Projections


Locations for growth and Green Belt review

Additional Settlements Background Paper (February 2017)

Rushcliffe Green Belt Review (2013, 2017 and 2018)

The following documents were prepared in support of Local Plan Part 1: Core Strategy

The following documents were prepared in support of Local Plan Part 2: Land and Planning Policies


Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Green Belt Review (June 2006)

Accessible Settlements Study‌ (February 2010)

Main report

Tables (excel)


Selected tables (pdf)

Appraisal of Sustainable Urban Extensions (June 2008)

Economy and employment

Employment Studies

Employment Land Forecasting Study (2015)

Strategic Distribution of Employment Requirements Background Paper (2015)

D2N2 Strategy for Growth (2013-23)

Retail Studies

Greater Nottingham Retail Study 2015 (September 2015)

District and Local Centres and Centres Of Neighbourhood Importance Background Paper (April 2018)

Environment and energy

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Melton and Rushcliffe Landscape Sensitivity Study: Wind Energy Development (2014)

Landscape Sensitivity Study part 1

Landscape Sensitivity Study part 2

Landscape Sensitivity Study part 3

Landscape Sensitivity Study part 4

Landscape Sensitivity Study part 5

Greater Nottingham Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (2008, 2010, 2017)

The Greater Nottingham Strategic Flood Risk Assesssment Addendum 2017 provides the latest flood risk guidance relating to Rushcliffe Borough Council.  The report is accompanied by electronic mapping available at These maps supercede the mapping provided through the 2008 and 2010 SFRA updates (see below).

The original SFRA was completed in 2008 and updated in 2010. It was prepared by Black & Veach in consultation with the Environment Agency to inform how future development should take place and to assist emergency planning in Greater Nottingham.

Water Cycle Studies (2009 and 2010)

The Water Cycle Scoping Study was produced in 2009.

The Outline Water Cycle Study followed in 2010.

Housing Allocations Sequential Test (2018)

The Greater Nottingham Landscape Character Assessment (2009)

1 Greater Nottingham LCA Main Report

2a Greater Nottingham LCA Drawings ‌

2b Greater Nottingham LCA Drawings

2c Greater Nottingham LCA Drawings

2d Greater Nottingham LCA Drawings

2e Greater Nottingham LCA Drawings

3 Appendices

3 Cities Green Infrastructure Strategy and Action Plan (2010)

Executive Summary

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

Volume 6

Landscape and Visual Analysis of Potential Development Sites (updated 2018)

Main Report‌ 

Site assessment results:

Aslockton to Cotgrave

Cropwell Bishop to East Leake

Gotham to Keyworth

Radcliffe to Sutton Bonington

Tollerton to Whatton

Appendix B and C‌  

Green Infrastructure Background Paper May 2018

Local Green Space Background Paper May 2018

Open Space Background Paper May 2018

Nottinghamshire Local Biodiversity Action Plan (1998)

This Local Biodiversity Action Plan was produced by the partnership of organisations which form the Nottinghamshire Biodiversity Action Group. Many other groups and local experts have contributed, and the targets and actions have been approved by all key partners. The format and content are consistent with Government guidance.

Infrastructure and transportation

Greater Nottingham Local Transport Plan (2011)

The Local Transport Plan sets out how we aim to make transport improvements in Nottinghamshire during the period 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2026. It will be reviewed at least every five years to make sure that it considers any changes in transport conditions and priorities; and to make sure that it is effective.

Infrastructure Delivery Plan

The study considers infrastructure requirements related to the Core Strategies of Broxtowe, Erewash, Gedling, Nottingham and Rushcliffe Councils.  It seeks to ascertain what additional infrastructure is needed to support the level of growth, when it is required and the resources needed to deliver it.  The report also considers the viability of strategic sites.  Please note that this is an evolving document.

Greater Nottingham Infrastructure Delivery Plan (June 2012) 

Greater Nottingham Infrastructure Delivery Plan, Revisions for the purposes of Rushcliffe Borough Council (Feb 2014) 

Local Plan Part 2 Infrastructure Delivery Plan

Rushcliffe Borough Council publications

Sustainable Community Strategy

Rushcliffe Housing Strategy 2016-21

Rushcliffe Playing Pitch Strategy

These lists are not exhaustive and more studies and publications will be added where relevant.


Heritage Assets Assessment (2018)