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Proposed Modifications

The Borough Council has published for consultation proposed modifications to the draft Rushcliffe Local Plan Part 2. 

The consultation period runs until 5pm on Friday 5 July 2019.

The hearing sessions as part of the examination of the Rushcliffe Local Plan Part 2 took place between Tuesday 27 November and Thursday 13 December 2018.  The examination is, however, on-going and will only be formally completed once the Borough Council is in receipt of the examining Inspector’s final report and recommendations.

Further modifications to the Plan are likely to be required before it can be found ‘sound’ by the Inspector.  The Council is therefore proposing a number of Main Modifications to the Plan which it wishes the Inspector to consider and take into account as part of his report and recommendations.  Alongside the Main Modifications, the Council is also consulting on a number of Additional Modifications to the Local Plan Part 2 and modifications to the Local Plan Policies Map.

Some of the more significant proposed Main Modifications include:

  • the proposed allocation for housing development of land at Lantern Lane, East Leake (a site which already has planning permission);
  • the proposed allocation for housing development of land north of Asher Lane, Ruddington (a site which already has planning permission);
  • changes to the potential level of housing and employment development on the proposed mixed use development at land north of Nottingham Road, Radcliffe on Trent;
  • the removal from ‘Policy 13 Self-Build and Custom Housing Provision’ of the text specifying that, on sites of more than 10 dwellings, the Council will seek some provision of self-build and custom build homes;
  • the removal from ‘Policy 39 Health Impacts of Development’ of the specified threshold for a health impact assessment to be undertaken; and
  • various revisions to the housing trajectory (Appendix B of the Plan) to both include the new housing allocations and to amend projected housing delivery rates on some of the other allocated sites.

This is, however, only one summary and you are advised to check through the Main Modifications in order to identify what you consider to be most important.

Consultation Documents

Proposed Main Modifications to Local Plan Part 2

Proposed Additional Modifications to Local Plan Part 2

Proposed Local Plan Policies Map Modifications

Illustration of Proposed Modifications

Sustainability Appraisal Addendum

Habitats Regulations Assessment Addendum

Equality Impact Assessment Addendum

Statement of representation procedure and availability of documents

These documents are available for inspection at the Rushcliffe Community Contact Centre, Rectory Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 6BU (during normal opening hours)

How to Comment

The consultation period runs until 5pm on Friday 5 July 2019.

Please submit your comments either:

Or by completing the response form which can either be:

Before completing your response it is advised that you read the associated Guidance Note