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The draft Local Plan Part 2 has been published and consultation ended on Thursday 28 June 2018.

The draft Local Plan Part 2 includes policies and proposals for housing, Green Belt, employment, retail, open spaces, nature conservation and some other matters.  It includes the proposed allocation of a number of new sites across Rushcliffe for housing development.  The sites, which in total would deliver around 2,700 new homes, are at the following locations: Bunny, Cotgrave, Cropwell Bishop, East Bridgford, Gotham, Keyworth, Radcliffe on Trent, Ruddington, Sutton Bonington.


Local Plan Part 2 (Publication draft)

Policies Map

Sustainability Appraisal Report Publication Draft

SA Non Technical Summary

SA Appendices

Summary of Consultation

Habitats Regulations Assessment

Equalities Impact Assessment

Checklist for Planning and Health

Please click here to view all other background and evidence documents that have been prepared alongside Local Plan Part 2.

Future Stages

All representations received concerning the Local Plan Part 2 will be submitted along with the Local Plan and supporting documents for independent examination by a Planning Inspector.  The Local Plan Part 2 will then be adopted if it is found to be acceptable by the Planning Inspector.

What is the Local Plan Part 2?

Local Plan Part 2: Land and Planning Policies Document (LAPP) will set out the non-strategic development allocations and a number of detailed policies for managing new development, following on from the strategic framework set out in the Core Strategy (Local Plan Part 1). When adopted, both documents will constitute the statutory development plan for the whole of the Borough and will replace all former Local Plans. Local Plan Part 2 will run to 2028 to align with the plan period of the Core Strategy.