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Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan will be used in determining planning applications?

The decision on a planning application will be taken in accordance with the Development Plan, unless material considerations indicate otherwise.  The development plan for Rushcliffe consists of the five saved policies of the 1996 Local Plan, the Local Plan Part 1: Rushcliffe Core Strategy (Core Strategy) and any adopted Neighourhood Plan. Other material considerations include the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the Non-Statutory Replacement Local Plan (NSRLP) (where policies are consistent with the NPPF).

The Borough Council is currently developing Local Plan Part 2 (Land and Planning Policies). This will set out the non strategic development allocations and a number of detailed policies for managing new development, following on from the strategic framework set out in the Core Strategy. When adopted, Local Plan Part 1 and Local Plan Part 2 will constitute the statutory development plan for the whole Borough and will replace all former Local Plans. 

What proposals maps are available?

Electronic versions of the Non-Statutory Replacement Local Plan proposals maps are available. These should be read in conjuction with the Amendments to Policies Map that was produced as part of Local Plan Part 1. A complete set of proposals maps will be produced as part of Local Plan Part 2.

Are there any Neighbourhood Plans in the Borough?

Yes. The East Leake Neighbourhood Plan was adopted by the Borough Council in November 2015. There are also other Neighbourhood Plans being prepared in Keyworth and Radcliffe on Trent. For further information please see the Neighbourhood Plan section of the website.

What is the timetable for producing the new Local Plan- when will documents be produced and when will consultations take place?

Details of the timetable for preparing Local Plan documents are included in the Council’s Local Development Scheme which will be kept up to date with any revisions to the programme. See also Local Plan for news updates. The main anticipated stages and timetable for preparing the LAPP are as follows:

Consultation on Issues and Options and Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report February 2016
Consultation on preferred options September 2016
Publication of draft LAPP January 2017
Submission of draft LAPP to Secretary of State March 2017
Public examination May 2017
Adoption July 2017


How do I register to be kept informed of latest consultations?

Please register here to receive consultation updates

What is the current position with regard to land availability, housing land supply and the Local Plan Monitoring Report?

See Local Plan Monitoring Report

Where can I find population statistics?

Census information can be found on the National Statistics website.

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