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What the enforcement service deals with

Common problems the enforcement service investigates include:

  • developments which need planning permission but are being carried out without it
  • developments which have planning permission but are not being carried out in accordance with approved plans or conditions
  • works to listed buildings or protected trees which have not had consent
  • changes of use which have not received permission
  • advertisements which have not received permission
  • untidy building sites

If you are concerned about any of the above, contact us.

Some developments do not require planning permission, for example if they are permitted development such as certain extensions to houses, certain height fences, certain size advertisements and we cannot take action to prevent them.

The Council can remove unauthorised advertisements or fly-posting in breach of the Advertisement Regulations Control. The Council can seek to remove unauthorised advertisement through the Magistrates Court and the person(s) responsible could be prosecuted. 

If the advert is on the public highway, contact us and report it to Streetwise.

We can also make private landowners tidy land if it is considered to be negatively affecting the look of the area.

There are some matters over which we have no control, such as:

  • boundary disputes
  • civil matters
  • enforcing legal covenants contained in the deeds to your property.

Certain other types of issue are dealt with by other parts of the Council or by Nottinghamshire County Council: