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Dog fouling and dog bins

Dog fouling on public footpaths and playing fields causes many problems. It can get on your shoes and clothes, or in the worse cases it can lead to blindness due to an infection called 'Toxocara canis'.

The Council works hard to reduce the incidence of dog fouling in the borough, but there will always be a small number of inconsiderate people who fail to clean up after their dog.

The Rushcliffe Borough Dog Fouling Order was introduced in January 1998. An on the spot fine of £50, or a fine of up to £1,000 on prosecution applies if you allow your dog to foul in a public place and you fail to clean it up straight away.

The Dog Fouling Order specifies designated areas of land where it is an offence to allow a dog to foul without the owner removing the mess afterwards.

Always take a bag with you to clear up your dog’s mess. The council provides a number of dog bins for you to dispose of the bags.

Reporting dog fouling

If you are annoyed by dog fouling then please help us track down the offenders. The Council will take action against offenders, but we need your help because we cannot monitor everywhere all of the time. If you witness an offence please contact us and tell us as much of the following information as possible, such as:

  • The exact location
  • The offender's type of dog
  • Description of the person in charge of dog
  • If possible, their vehicle registration and details
  • If possible, the address of the person committing the offence.

We will try and follow up any information the Council receives.

If you see someone committing a dog fouling offence or need to notify us of dog fouling, call us on 0115 981 9911 or report dog fouling online.

Dog Bins

The Council provide a number of dog bins throughout the Rushcliffe for residents to use. The frequency with which these bins are emptied depends upon their usage. If you notice an overflowing, broken or faulty bin, please complete the dog bin form online or call us on 0115 981 9911.