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Recycling in schools

Information about education awareness, how you can raise funds for your school through recycling and the Rushcliffe recycling activity book.

Recycling in schools

Help your school raise money by recycling your old mobile telephones and used ink cartridges. Raise much needed funds for your school by recycling your used inkjet cartridges and unwanted mobile telephones. The purpose of the 'Support Your School' scheme is to raise funds for your school. The recycling scheme is completely free, all you will need to do is register your school.

How it works:

1. Create a support your school account
2. You will be sent a recycling pack
3. Promote the scheme within your school
4. Request a free collection
5. You will be paid £1 per cartridge and £3 for every mobile recycled or reused.

Register now on support your school and create your school account.

Watch how one school is taking part here:

Schools and education

The recycling2go team works hard to make sure that people of all ages understand the benefits of recycling, and we are often invited to speak at schools. If you would like to invite us to attend your school, please contact us.

Teachers: Take a look at our Rushcliffe Recycling Activity Book below, if you feel it would be useful please contact us, ask to leave a message or speak to the recycling officer for more information.

We're happy to visit you and help with recycling awareness (and our colleagues from Streetwise can help with teaching young people about respecting their local area and not dropping litter). Young people are often very concerned about the environment, and benefit from hearing about what happens locally to help take care of it.
At the same time, once school children have learned about recycling2go, they can help to ensure that their own families recycle everything they can.

Our activity book


Picture of Barney the barn owl, Rushcliffe's mascot Why not take a look at our Rushcliffe Recycling Activity Book. In there you will find puzzles, word searches, a sudoku and spot the difference. Also learn about making compost and saving energy.

The activity book is aimed at Key Stages 1 & 2 but there lots the whole family can do try it, its fun. When you've finished, here's the Rushcliffe Recycling Activity Book answer sheet.






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